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Leonidis Mouzakitis given 32-year extended sentence after frenzied attempted murder on Wendy Webster

A brave Wye pensioner – who fought off a savage and murderous knifeman– was today praised for her “bloody minded determination and character".

Wendy Webster, a 74-year-old accountant, was stabbed 11 times during the ordeal at her home – where she had been recovering from a serious horse riding accident.

Today, she sat just yards away from her attacker, Leonidis Mouzakitis, to watch him receive a 32-year extended sentence for his crime.

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Leonidis Mouzakitis has been given an extended sentence for attempted murder
Leonidis Mouzakitis has been given an extended sentence for attempted murder

After the hearing at Canterbury Crown Court – where she was awarded a High Sheriff of Kent Award for Bravery – the modest and kindly victim told a police officer she was “just glad it was over”.

She had earlier told Judge James O'Mahony the judge in a Victim Impact Statement she regarded herself as “lucky to be alive” and was “really cross” she felt unable to live in Wye.

During the trial the jury had heard how in the middle of the frenzied stabbing, Mrs Webster told herself: “I’m not going to let him bloody kill me! I thought I’m going to die, I am not going to let that happen!”

The judge said she survived for two reasons, the immediate medical help she received..and Mrs Webster’s “quite indefatigable spirit and bloody-minded determination and character”.

Mouzakitis was found guilty of attempting to murder her which the judge had described as “ calculated, methodical and vicious.”

He was jailed for 27 years and the judge added another five extra years he will serve on licence when he is released.

The jury had been told that despite her appalling wounds she had staggered 80 yards from her home in Little Olantigh Road before flagging down a passing car.

Mouzakitis, of Stanley Road, Folkestone had admitted aggravated burglary, stealing a car and wounding with intent but had denied attempted murder.

The road was closed after the incident
The road was closed after the incident

Prosecutor Simon Connolly told the jury how he had conned his way into the home of the businesswoman last August before producing a knife and grabbing her around the neck.

Ms Webster tried to talk the knifeman into giving himself up to police as they sat at a table at her home where she was recovering from the riding accident.

Mouzakitis had been to her home a few weeks earlier claiming he needed help in starting his car – and she thought he may have been a new neighbour.

Mr Connolly said he arrived at her home claiming he was collecting a parcel which had been left in her garden by the postal service.

He then produced a knife after grabbing his victim around the neck and as she put an arm up her finger was cut.

“I was astounded and terrified. He told me: ‘I am sorry, I must have your car. I need your car because I have to get to Bournemouth’.

Police cordoned off the house following the stabbing
Police cordoned off the house following the stabbing

“All I could do was to try to keep things calm and no aggravation," she added.

Mr Connolly said the burglar claimed his sister had been abducted by a loan shark and demanded the keys to Mrs Webster's BMW.

During a bizarre discussion, the burglar told her he was “really evil” and claimed to be a tattooist from Ashford before pretending to call the police to give himself up.

Mrs Webster went to the front door to see if the police had arrived, moving very slowly because of her horse accident injuries.

Judge O'Mahony also praised the Detective Constable Andrew Jones who had supported the victim throughout the court hearings.

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