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Killer dogs put down by owners at Great Pested Farm in Challock

A pair of dogs that brutally attacked a flock of sheep have been put down.

Farmer Alex Pynn said 17 of his flock of 30 sheep died as a result of the recent dog attack.

Mr Pynn, who keeps his animals at Great Pested Farm, in Challock, discovered three sheep with their throats ripped out the next morning.

A sickly sheep after the attack
A sickly sheep after the attack

Another 14 sheep died over the next few days from heart attacks, broken legs and other serious injuries.

Mr Pynn, who lives in Pope Street, Godmersham, caught the two lurcher dogs when they returned to the field the next night at 11pm.

He said: “Luckily the dogs just came over when I called them and jumped in the back of my truck.

“Their owner’s telephone numbers and postcode were on their collars.

“When I arrived at the house the owners said they had been missing for two days.

“They were quite upset but they were also very apologetic and to be fair to them, they have been very helpful.

“The police advised me to take the dogs back to their owners so they could have them destroyed, which I’ve been told has happened.

Farmer Alex Pynn said the sheep that survived were shocked and wounded
Farmer Alex Pynn said the sheep that survived were shocked and wounded

“It has been devastating for everyone involved but the owners are insured so hopefully the compensation will come through and we can just try to move on from this.”

Mr Pynn urged dog owners to be more careful and not let their dogs run off in unsecured areas.

He said: “Our animals are what pay our bills.

“They have just got to think about it more and be aware of what sort of damage their dogs can cause.”

A spokesman from Kent Police, said: “The farmer contacted Kent Police and has told us he has reached an amicable agreement with the owner of the dogs, so at present no further police action is required.

“The dogs had apparently got loose and had gone missing when the incident occurred.”

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