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Mercedes driver reacts to being caught on film near Waitrose, in Ashford

The man seen in a video trying to damage another driver's wing mirror has reacted to the footage.

The incident happened along Templer Way, in Ashford, close to the junction for Repton Park and Waitrose, over the weekend.

The 40-second clip shows Tristan Lewis leave his Mercedes on a dual carriageway before storming over to another car and attempting to damage the wing mirror.

The video was posted in the Kent Crime Facebook group

He is seen bending the mirror back and forth and hitting it, before shouting through the window at the driver. He then returns to his vehicle before driving off.

The footage was shared earlier today to the Kent Crime Facebook group, and has been widely shared and commented on.

And now, Mr Lewis says the clip only shows half the story, claiming the man filming the incident almost caused him to crash just moments before.

He added police have been notified of the incident.

He attempts to damage the wing mirror(15104601)
He attempts to damage the wing mirror(15104601)

He told Kent Online: "I don't know why it's been so blown up on Facebook.

"I pulled out of the junction by Godinton and turned right to go towards the tank roundabout. I saw a Corsa in the distance.

"I turned out and he decided to accelerate, getting bumper to bumper with me. I was going at 30mph and the guy went up the right lane, then crossed diagonally in front of me.

"It was early so there were no other cars around. I had to wait behind him, then overtake him by Waitrose. That's where he recorded me kicking off.

"He was shouting abuse at me and my girlfriend.

The man, now identified as Mr Lewis, is seen exiting his vehicle(15104603)
The man, now identified as Mr Lewis, is seen exiting his vehicle(15104603)

"It was a simple matter - I wasn't trying to be violent, just trying to ask him what his issue was and that's when he got his phone out.

"I've messaged the guy personally and apologised, saying I'm willing to pay for the damage.

"Don't take one side of the story as fact. He didn't just take his phone out for nothing, he knew what was coming. People need to stop taking things at face value.

"It was a spur of the moment thing, and I'm going to the police station now to explain myself and get my side across."

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