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Pensioner searches for good samaritans after Barclays bank row in Ashford

A pensioner has issued heartfelt thanks to the strangers who helped her after a row with an unknown mum at the bank.

Joan Haselgrove, 83, had been at Barclays in the high street, when she said she was intimidated by an impatient woman.

The disabled South Ashford resident had parked her shopping trolley next to the cash machine inside the bank on Saturday, April 1, at around 11.20am as she withdrew money.

Joan Haselgrove wishes to say thank you to those that helped her in Barclays Bank
Joan Haselgrove wishes to say thank you to those that helped her in Barclays Bank

She said: "My walker was alongside me in front of the hole in the wall, where people drop their envelopes. There was nowhere else to put it.

“There was no one around so I put my card in to check my balance and draw out some cash, but as I did so this young lady and her son asked me to move my trolley.

“I couldn’t because I had nowhere to put it and hadn’t finished, so I apologised and she leant over and managed to get her envelope in anyway.

“But then she said in a very stroppy manner – ‘you do not own the world’.

“It was very intimidating.”

The altercation happened inside Barclays bank
The altercation happened inside Barclays bank

Joan is now appealing to find the three ladies who were waiting behind her in the queue so she can thank them.

She said: "I was so flustered by what happened, I dropped my cash and one of the ladies behind me noticed and picked it up.

"I couldn’t concentrate because she had upset me so much.

"But the other three ladies who were there helped so much. They sat me down and made sure I was OK, so I want to say thank you.

"The boy with the young woman was about seven and if he grows up to be like her then I worry for this world.

"I do not like moaning but I really was unnerved. There was absolutely no need for rudeness.

"I just want to thank the other ladies for being patient and kind.

"If I knew where they lived I would send them some flowers."

Were you one of Joan's good samaritans? If so, email kentishexpress@thekmgroup.co.uk or call the newsroom on 01233 623232.

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