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Plans for 11-plus: you speak out

Exmas stress - sooner or later?
Exmas stress - sooner or later?

C+ - could do better.

That is the report from kentishexpress.co.uk readers, as they delivered a mixed reaction to news the 11-plus exam will be brought forward by four months.

Kent County Council’s decision to move the test to September 18 and 19 from its usual slot after the Christmas holidays has been met with praise and criticism from families in Kent.

Some have praised KCC’s move as alleviating stress levels for families, who will now know their children’s results before applying for a secondary school.

Andrew Miller wrote: “Well done KCC for valuing the welfare of children and families above the political dogma of those opposed to grammar schools.”

Julia Roberts, from Gravesend, posted: “As for the change I think it is a good one. What’s wrong with wanting to know if your child is a grammar school candidate before you select their school? At least it avoids any disappointment if you choose first and then fail.”

But for others, there were concerns there was not enough time for schools to prepare for the earlier date.

Alison Lineham, from Aylesford, said: “Overall I support the change to bring the testing forward, as it is only sensible to know your child’s capabilities before selecting a school.

“However, I am extremely concerned about the current Year 5 pupils including my daughter as arrangements are not in place yet in schools to cater for the earlier date.

“Why on earth could they not have waited until next year to allow schools and pupils ample preparation time?”

For some, like Stuart Ward, from Dover, it was not welcome news: “What was wrong with the system of being informed of your school later in the academic year, allowing time for children to prepare for the test and allowing parents time to view schools in their local area and therefore make informed choices?

“This is yet another sign of a government obsessed with power and removing real parental choice.”

Wilfred Wright, from Orpington, said: “It would simply mean that parents and children will have to start much earlier to prepare for the exams. That’s goodbye to the summer holidays then.”

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