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Norton Knatchbull School in Ashford 'disrupted' after two girls break in

Two teenage girls caused disruption after breaking into two Ashford schools yesterday, including an all-boys' school.

The pair first had to be escorted from the North School, in Essella Road around 12.40pm when they were refusing to leave.

The girls then headed to Norton Knatchbull School in Ashford around 1.30pm yesterday where they were removed again.

Susanne Staab, head teacher of the Hythe Road school, confirmed the incident after reports the girls had 'run riot' around the school.

The Norton Knatchbull School in Hythe Road, Ashford
The Norton Knatchbull School in Hythe Road, Ashford

She said: "Towards the later part of the lunch hour yesterday, two teenage girls gained unauthorised access to the school site.

"They caused some disruption before being escorted off the site by our staff. The police and the LA were advised of the incident.

"At no point was there any risk to any member of the school community."

The North School
The North School

A spokesman for the North School said: "During lunchtime, two girls from another school came onto the school site and caused a disturbance.

"They were identified immediately and staff were quick to deal with them.

"Whilst there was no risk to staff or students, the police were called straight away. The girls were escorted off site."

A police spokesman confirmed officers were made aware of both incidents.

He said: "We were alerted yesterday lunchtime about two teenage girls who were on school sites in Ashford and refusing to leave.

"The first call was from The North School and the second call was from Norton Knatchbull.

"The girls were not students and had no authority to be on the grounds. Officers did not attend and no further problems were reported."

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