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South Ashford teenage thug Rudy Little boasted about his criminal lifestyle on Facebook

A teenager jailed last week for trying to rob someone at knifepoint has been boasting to his friends about his criminal lifestyle, it has emerged.

Rudy Little, 18, has so many previous convictions, including for theft, criminal damage and robbery, that his criminal record file is 13 pages long.

He is now behind bars after admitting trying to steal cigarettes from a man outside a petrol station before chasing him down the street and stabbing the door of the house his victim fled into.

Rudy Little bragged on Facebook about his criminal lifestyle
Rudy Little bragged on Facebook about his criminal lifestyle

However, Little’s Facebook posts over the past few years suggest not only does he not regret his actions, he even finds some of his brushes with the law amusing.

On December 24 last year, he posted: “Apparently I’ve robbed a car with a gun in the boot.”

“Police just chased me for about a mile. Can’t catch me are you crazy!” - Rudy Little, prior to being caught

Earlier in the year, on January 23, he bragged: “Police just chased me for about a mile. Can’t catch me are you crazy!”

On March 17 he posted a photo of himself apparently wearing handcuffs with the caption: “Me cuffed up in a police car.”

The same day he uploaded a picture of a young man sitting in a dock, saying one of his friends was appearing in court.

Little’s timeline is filled with pictures of him posing topless, smoking cigarettes, drinking beer and, in one shot, holding what looks like a gun, although he fails to answer a friend’s question as to whether it is real or a replica.

Ironically, almost exactly a year before he was jailed, on March 11, 2014 Little wrote a post that suggested he had decided to turn his life around.

Rudy Little, jailed for attempted robbery
Rudy Little, jailed for attempted robbery

He said: “So lucky to of walked out of court today without a jail sentence.

“The van was there waiting for me. Judge has gave me my last and final warning, just wanna sort my life out now and find someone that’s gonna keep me busy for 18 months of tag and supervision meetings and this will all be over. If I’m seen in court again jail is the only option left.”

Little, of Matfield Close, South Ashford, was jailed for three years for attempted robbery, bringing his total number of convictions to more than 17.

The court heard the unemployed teen plans to move to Malaga in Spain, where his mother lives, after serving his sentence.

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