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Women flee from flat in Folkestone after chip pan fire

Two women fled their flat after a chip pan blaze went out of control.

But the pair's home was saved from being engulfed in flames by the fire drifting out of an open window.

The blaze broke out at Brockman Road, Folkestone, at 9.30 last night in a flat occupied by a woman in her 50s and her daughter, in her 20s.

When the chip pan went up in flames the younger woman moved it from a heated hob but some of the contents spilled onto a nearby kitchen bin, setting that alight.

The pair then fled the flat, unhurt, and called the fire brigade.

Watch manager Mick Dennis said: "Luckily the bin was close to the window and the flames vented through the window and stopped the fire spreading through the rest of the property."

The entire flat was damaged by smoke but flame damage was limited to the bin area.

Mr Dennis said: "This incident had come after a chip pan was left unattended so we would again warn people about that.

"Thankfully the women did not put water on the fire, which would have been the worst thing to do."

Pouring water on chip pan fires can cause fireballs and occupants are advised not even to move the pan but simply turn off the heat if it is safe to do so.

Two fire engines from Folkestone were called to the incident and crews were at the scene for an hour.

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