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It was all going so well....

I’ve never paid much attention to yin and yang.

While casually throwing out the phrase “what goes around, comes around” and loosely believing that there is some sort of karma in this world, I’ve never truly thought that everything has an opposite.

Bad things happen to good people, and good things happen to scumbags but somewhere amongst it all, there probably is a long-term balance.

However, my good-bad dose came in rather quick succession.

A few weeks ago, I had one of the best weeks of my life.

It all started with a glass of wine and some sunshine – as it usually does.

It was one of those beautiful Friday evenings where the weather was warm, the weekend lay ahead and nearly everyone had decided to head for the pub.

A glass or several of rosé later, we’d had a wonderful time catching up with friends.

The car was left in the car park for a leisurely walk home, accompanied by a warm glow of how lucky we were to have such lovely people in our lives.

The next day, I managed to bag myself a couple of Ed Sheeran tickets (OK, it took two hours trawling around the computer and involved lots of swear words, but perseverance paid off).

That night was our friends’ silver wedding anniversary party, which was another chance to catch up with good friends, laughing and crying as we strolled down memory lane and then danced our shoes off until the early hours.

Sunday was a beaut of a day, relaxed and full of sun.

Monday didn’t deliver much, but Tuesday found me and more friends singing and dancing in the pelting rain at Rochester Castle watching Craig David.

Craig David at Rochester Castle
Craig David at Rochester Castle

Doesn’t sound like fun, and we were truly soaked to the skin (waterproof apparently doesn’t actually mean waterproof when it comes to my jacket) but it was one of those nights where nothing mattered but having some fun, and the muddy puddles only added to the memories.

Thursday brought a funeral, which was heartbreakingly sad but also one of the most uplifting moments of my life.

It was a true celebration of a man who loved life and the ceremony was filled with laughter, thanks to the service he’d written.

Friday saw our team off to a prize-giving where we won a clutch of awards (have I mentioned before I’m the KPBA columnist of the year? Oh yes, of course I have!) which made my heart burst with pride to see our hard work recognised.

Saturday saw me back at work for the day then Sunday brought an unexpected afternoon in the sunshine with yet more friends, catching up and soaking up the hot weather.

Hands up if your soaked?
Hands up if your soaked?

I actually went to bed that night and felt as if I’d been given the biggest hug all week. Life was good and I felt blessed.

Cue week two…

The next morning, I arrived at work to find water dripping through the ceiling from the flat above, and it continued to be a day where everything turned into a hassle.

Tuesday seemed to be faring better, until the evening, when we discovered water dripping through our bathroom ceiling at home!

Thankfully, some local tradesmen we know came to our rescue (“We have no idea how they got your original water tank in your loft. It’s so big, we can’t get it out”).

I may be a couple of hundred quid poorer but the bathroom now has water coming out the taps and not the light fitting.

The week ended with us heading for the coast (woo-hoo) only to find ourselves stuck in a jam on the M2.

Payback week? Probably.

I’m hoping for something quieter this week.

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