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What a week! Snakes, a laser show – and Adele

Spontaneity is my new friend. You may recall the last time we caught up with you, I was waxing lyrical about a last-minute, two-day break in Whitstable that proved a perfect pick-me-up.

With a week off, and just a few things in my diary, a reasonably blank canvas stretched before me.

It turned into an intriguing week.

Our close-up view at the Royal Albert Hall
Our close-up view at the Royal Albert Hall

Things kicked off on the Saturday with my friend’s son’s fifth birthday party. Mine used to involve pass-the-parcel and a buffet (probably with cheese and pineapple on sticks) but this one had an animal expert who brought some friends with her. Hissing cockroaches, a skunk, a snake and a pot-bellied pig, to name a few. It was brilliant.

The next day, hubby and I headed off to the Royal Albert Hall to a classical spectacular – popular tunes (the ones you know from the adverts mostly) with a laser lightshow.

Our tickets, booked just the day before, were right in the front row which proved hilarious when some can-can dancers came out into the auditorium to show off their bloomers.

Monday saw us finally spruce up the front garden, much to the neighbours’ delight.

Tuesday was supposed to be a quiet walk out to Shornemead Fort, an old artillery fort that was built in the 1860s to guard the entrance to the Thames from seaborne attack near Shorne.

Our walk along the Thames and Medway Canal and then back along the river was lovely until four youths broke into the firing range – where live training was taking place. The exercise was brought to a strict halt, and thankfully no one was hurt.

That evening? Last-minute tickets to see Adele? Don’t mind if I do.

Adele's in concert
Adele's in concert

Wednesday was our 10th wedding anniversary so we headed out for a long lunch, which saw us laze over both the food menu and wine list. Needless to say, Thursday was spent catching up with some television/nursing a hangover.

Friday was my birthday and we headed out to Knole Park, which was beautiful in the stunning sunshine followed by lunch with our parents and drinks with friends at our local.

Saturday brought another party with fabulous friends, Sunday a walk in the woods and Monday a trip to Wildwood animal park, near Herne Bay.

A few weeks ago, I was still contemplating heading off abroad for a last-minute break, but I’m so glad we didn’t. Although I’m equally looking forward to next weekend, a clear diary and maybe putting my feet up.

For those of you who missed my fellow columnist David Jones’s piece on Friday, it exclusively revealed how Medway Council was working on a plan to breed Siberian tigers in Capstone Country Park.

“The park is thought to be ideal because of its variety of habitats, including ancient woodlands, a lake, hedgerows and rolling grassland, in some respects reminiscent of Siberian tundra but just a stone’s throw from Lordswood,” he wrote.

Having grown up on the estate, I can assure you Lordswood is nothing like the Siberian tundra, although my mum did ban me from ever going to play in the woods on my own and now I know why.

For those of you who did see the story, and didn’t clock the date the article was published (April 1), don’t panic. There’s 12 months for Mr Jones to work up another April Fool story.

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