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Bay 'waterfall' causes concern

Ford pumping station at Hoath
Ford pumping station at Hoath

by Gerry Warren


A water pipe at Hoath has been pouring thousands of gallons into the ground, leading to concerns that vital resources are being wasted.

But South East Water is assuring residents that the process is necessary to flush the system at its Ford Pumping Station for water quality purposes.

The alarm was raised by Herne Parish Council clerk Monica Blyth, who lives in Hoath and first saw the pipe pumping out water on Saturday.

She said: “It was like a waterfall. We haven’t had rain for months and thousands of gallons are pouring away every day.”

South East Water spokesman Jo Sword said: “The Ford Pumping Station near Maypole is only used during the summer months when demand for water is traditionally higher.

“We are currently in the process of preparing the pumping station to supply water for this coming summer, and part of the process involves flushing the system for water quality purposes.

“As a consequence, an amount of water is going to waste.

“However, it will ensure that when the pumping station is brought back into service it will supply top-quality water to our customers in North Kent.

“Samples taken from the water passing through the pumping station are currently being analysed to ensure it meets the required quality.

“We would like to reassure residents that we do not undertake this type of flushing unless it is completely necessary and are closely monitoring the amount of water we are using to undertake this process.”

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