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Could Garry Mann be pardoned?

Garry Mann pictured today (Wednesday) before heading to London and Portugal
Garry Mann pictured today (Wednesday) before heading to London and Portugal


Former Faversham fireman Garry Mann could be released from a Portuguese jail at Christmas - if the country's president pardons him.

The 52-year-old, who's daughter Scarlet is the current Miss Faversham, is serving two years in an old jail in Lisbon.

If follows his conviction in a "sham trial" of involvement in a football riot during the Euro 2004 championship.

Mann lost his fight against a European Arrest Warrant, despite a senior British judge describing it as a "travesty of justice".

He was then extradited back to Portugal in May to serve his sentence.

Mann had lived with his partner, Suzanne Lloyd-Baker and six daughters in Gordon Square in the town.

She told The Mail on Sunday: "We still can't believe this has happened to us.

"We are just an ordinary, hardworking family and I am trying everything including lobbying Government to get him back."

Mann has the support of Fair Trials International who have been fighting his case ever since the warrant was issued.

His case worker, Rebecca Shaeffer said: "It's never easy being in prison in a foreign country, surrounded by languages and rules you don't recognise.

"I saw Garry about two weeks ago and he is being strong and stoic about his situation and isn't one to complain.

"But there can be no doubt that it is taking a serious toll on him and his family back in the UK.

"His number one goal is to get home as soon as possible, and Fair Trials International continues to support him.

"His pro bono counsel in Portugal has filed a prisoner transfer application so that he can serve a portion of his sentence closer to home, and will also be applying for early release for Garry after one year of prison.

"We also supporting a pardon application for Garry that will be decided by the President of Portugal at Christmas.

"We hope that decision makers in Portugal will recognise what an ordeal Garry has already gone through and will do whatever possible to return him to the UK at the first possible opportunity."

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