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Warrens Bakery in Canterbury covered in graffiti by vandal

A bakery has been targeted by a vandal who sprayed paint across its door, windows and walls in an apparently senseless act of destruction.

CCTV footage shows a hooded figure - thought to be a man - brazenly defacing the front and side of Warrens Bakery, which is on the corner of St Dunstan's and Orchard Street in Canterbury, and is one of two of the chain's city branches.

The vandalism was carried out at about 2.30am on Friday and was quickly scrubbed away later the same day, but has left staff concerned about it happening again.

The graffiti at Warrens Bakery in St Dunstan's, Canterbury (15489155)
The graffiti at Warrens Bakery in St Dunstan's, Canterbury (15489155)

Store manager Valentin Mihaylov said: "I checked the CCTV but you can't properly see his face - he was wearing a mask and hood. He was tall, maybe 1.8 metres [5ft 11ins].

"He came and started to graffiti. After that, he went away for a bit and came back an hour later to do more - that was brave, actually.

"No cars were stopping, they just drove by.

Mr Mihaylov says the store has been targeted four or five times since it opened in December, but that this is the worst incident so far - with about 40% of the frontage covered in spray paint.

He says the vandal also took rubbish out from bins stored behind the shop, and strew it across the street, leaving staff to pick it up from the pavement the following morning.

Store manager Valentin Mihaylov (15489157)
Store manager Valentin Mihaylov (15489157)

"We always have a problem with graffiti," he said. "We expect it to happen again, of course.

"But this was across the front on both sides - I mean come on. It was crazy.

"I've seen beautiful things done by street artists in other places, but this had no meaning - no letters. It was just unprofessional."

Mr Mihaylov added that he does not know why the store was targeted in this way.
"I hope it is random," he said.

Police have been approached for more information.

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