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Missing Canterbury kitten 'had face cut off'

A distraught cat owner is warning others to keep their moggies inside amid fears a sadistic animal killer cut her beloved kitten's face off.

The grisly discovery of the mutilated face was made at the top of Hollow Lane in Wincheap, Canterbury, by a member of the public who contacted owner Sonja Sanders.

Shouty and Hershey went missing on Saturday
Shouty and Hershey went missing on Saturday

She had been desperately searching for her missing kittens Hershey and Shouty.

The 13-week-old cats, which Ms Sanders had helped deliver, had snuck out through an open window on Saturday and not been seen since.

The disturbing find of Hershey's butchered face was made last night.

Ms Sanders, 31, said: "They were as thick as thieves and they went together.

"We left a window open and they got out - the guilt that comes with this is overwhelming.

"These kittens weren't independent, they were so stupid, bless them. They didn't understand the outside.

"They were my babies and one of them is still out there" - Sonja Sanders

"Shouty is still missing and I can't help but think the worst."

Ms Sanders says she was distraught when she was told Hershey had been found mutilated.

"Someone saw my relentless social media posts and asked me to call her and she told me she'd found a piece of him," said Ms Sanders.

"People are saying it's a fox or another animal and that's what I was hoping for as it might have been a quick death, but it was a mutilation.

"From his ears, from behind, his face was completely cut off. I haven't seen a picture because it's too upsetting.

Shouty is still missing
Shouty is still missing

"They were my babies and one of them is still out there."

Ms Sanders, from Wincheap, has been in contact with South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty (SNARL), which investigates cases of animal mutilations and is specifically hunting the 'UK Animal Killer'.

A spokesman for SNARL says the Wincheap case is suspicious and most likely to have been done by a person.

"From the injuries described it sounds very much like it was caused by a bladed instrument and not an animal attack," she said.

"Without seeing the kitten head or any photographs, SNARL is unable to rule this into the investigation into the UK Animal Killer."

She asked that people contact SNARL on 0208 0587778 or 07961 030064 with any information.

The attack has also been reported to the police.

A spokesman said: "Police received a report that a cat missing from an address in Hollow Lane, Canterbury, had been found dead by a member of public.

"The cause of the cat’s injuries are not known at this stage and enquiries are ongoing."

Ms Sanders has urged anyone who thinks they have seen Shouty to get in touch with her over Facebook.

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