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Canterbury university students set record by drinking almost 5,000 Jägerbombs at Jager Rocks event organised by Student Republic at Old Brewery Tavern

The organisers of a student event in Canterbury that saw almost 5,000 cut-price shots downed in four hours deny they are promoting binge drinking.

Revellers knocked back an average of one Jägerbomb every three seconds at the Old Brewery Tavern - sparking health warnings from alcohol campaigners.

But a student news website based at the University of Kent labelled the 800-strong crowd's efforts "heroic" and "record-breaking".

Jägermeister is mixed with Red Bull to make Jägerbombs
Jägermeister is mixed with Red Bull to make Jägerbombs

The Jäger Rocks night is run by Student Republic, a Canterbury-based events company.

It charged revellers £5 to enter the Stour Street pub, with each Jägerbomb - a mix of Jägermeister and Red Bull - costing just £1.

They usually sell for about £3 in Canterbury's pubs and clubs.

After the event, Old Brewery Tavern posted on Twitter: "THIS JUST IN!... Last night at #JagerRocks we sold 4764 jägerbombs! A new record!"

How much students drank at the Jäger Rocks event in Canterbury
How much students drank at the Jäger Rocks event in Canterbury

Edd Withers, from Student Republic, rejected claims the company had acted irresponsibly in staging the event.

He said: "This isn't encouraging binge drinking. The amount of drinks sold on the night was the same as the for average for any city centre bar.

"These figures are not as shocking as they might appear."

Mr Withers added: "We have policies in place, such as not serving drunk people and not serving doubles.

"We also keep a close eye on our statistics. If each person drinks six Jägerbombs, they have drunk only six units of alcohol – not 18 as has been suggested in some sections of the media.

"That means that are customers are well below weekly recommended for men and women in terms of units."

The drinking event was held at The Old Brewery Tavern in Canterbury
The drinking event was held at The Old Brewery Tavern in Canterbury

However, charity KCA warned of the medical and social dangers of excessive drinking.

Dr Peter White, KCA's clinical lead, said: "Binge drinking can lead to acute alcohol poisoning, unconsciousness and in very rare cases death as a result of choking on vomit in sleep.

"A vulnerable person may even use binge drinking as a stepping stone to more chronic drinking.

"It is irresponsible to glamourise binge drinking – the hazards should be pointed out rather than it being glamourised."

And Dr Cara Robinson, of KCA's access and engagement unit, said: "Binge drinking like this is just as risky as daily alcohol consumption.

"The binge drinker might not being able to get home, or fall asleep somewhere.

"Perhaps there could be safety issues such as getting into someone's car, you don't know.

"People have died from choking on vomit after binge drinking and it's important to know to put them on their side if this is happening.

"It's not a good idea to glamourise binge drinking.

"Alcohol is basically our legal drug and for many youngsters at university it's a way of being with friends. But it should be used in moderation."

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