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Canterbury council election results 2019


Find out who has been voted in to Canterbury City Council with our election graphic showing the results as they come in.

Since 2015 Canterbury has been run by the Conservatives, but with politics being as uncertain as ever, all is up for grabs.

Authority leader Simon Cook has dramatically lost his seat and a number of big results have been coming in throughout the day.

This is the first time ever that we go into local elections with a Labour MP for Canterbury and Whitstable.


For all the results and reaction from across Kent follow our live blog and follow live updates from the Canterbury count below.




That means the Conservatives finish with a narrow majority in Canterbury City Council, having won 23 seats. Labour gains six seats, moving to 10, and the Liberal Democrats end with an improved six.


The Conservatives lose a seat in St Stephen's with Terry Westgate winning 733 votes and Labour's Mel Dawkins 710 votes. Ben Hickman (Labour) received 659, former Conservative councillor Sally Waters 644, Liberal Democrats Nick Barnes and Neasa Macerlean 444 and 442, and Green Tom Sharp 398.


Labour holds Northgate as party leader, Alan Baldock, and Jean Butcher win 568 and 520 votes. Conservatives Tom Barton and Jake Warman got 238 and 220, Liberal Democrats Valerie Ainscough and Brian McHenry 133 and 99, and Green Jo Kidd 87.


The Liberal Democrats hold Wincheap, as Nick Eden-Green and Derek Maslin win with 1,201 and 962 votes. Zoila Santos and Paul Todd (both Labour) received 756 and 677, Green Pat Marsh 440, and Conservatives Susan Kilczewski and Christian Mills 353 and 342.


The Tories have their majority, but have taken some big blows in getting there


Council veterans Pat Todd and Jenny Samper, who are both Conservatives, hold Chestfield, winning 1071 and 1034 votes. Liberal Democrats Jonathan Dearth and Sarah Wehner received 342 and 340, Labour's Lynette Aitken and Charlie Mower 324 and 257, and Green David Nicole 314.


The Conservatives gain a majority in the city council as they take Chartham and Stone Street. Robert Thomas and Matthew Jones-Roberts win with 900 and 857. Labour's Peter Forrest and Lucas Pearce receive 665 and 648, Green Jay Day 525, Liberal Democrats James Galloway and Paul Smith 410 and 277, and Ukip's Brain MacDowell 220.


The Conservatives have held Seasalter in Whitstable. Ashley Clark and Colin Spooner won with 1260 and 1206 votes, while Clare Connerton and Helen Kirk (Labour) 557 and 550, Kathy Nalson (Green) 455, and John Brazier and Yvonne Hawkins (both Liberal Democrat).


We're well beyond the halfway mark now, with just six wards to go... there's been highs and lows for everyone.

Big names to fall so far have been Simon Cook (Con), Ben Fitter-Harding (Con), George Metcalfe (LibDem), Simon Warley (Lab), Brian Baker (Con) and Steven Williams (Con)


The Conservatives hold Reculver in Herne Bay, with Rachel Carnac winning 568 votes. Labour's Barbara Ayling 227, Liberal Democrat Monica Eden-Green 109 and Independent Terry Thompson 88.


Westgate in Canterbury is split between Michael Dixey (Liberal Democrat) and Gill Gower (Labour), who won 884 and 802 votes respectively. Labour's Simon Warley - who was a councillor for the ward - received 763, Liberal Democrat Alex Lister 699, Independent Allen Tullett 239, Oliver Feaver and Daniel Sydenham (both Conservative) 227 and 214, and Greens Benjamin Grillet and Tom Williams 220 and 194.


Conservatives hold Herne & Broomfield as Joe Howes and Anne Dekker win 914 and 830 votes. John Bowley and Jeremy Wilson (both Liberal Democrat) receive 390 and 209; Labour's Karen Douglas and Malcolm White 290 and 234; and Green Elliott Settle 259.


Labour sweeps Barton, with Pat Edwards, Connie Nolan and Dave Wilson (all Labour) winning 958, 954 and 805. Liberal Democrats Ida Linfield, Tom Hopkins and Roche Martin received 795, 758 and 670; Conservatives Steven Williams, Len Brown and Connor Dobbs (Conservatives) won 622, 598 and 583; Green Stephen Peckham 586; and Independent James Cooper 233.


Little Stour and Adisham is held by the Conservatives as Louise Jones-Roberts wins with 549 votes. Liberal Democrat Graham Duplock received 351, Labour's Kevin Power 228 and Green Keith Bothwell 197.


Conservatives Georgina Glover and Louise Harvey-Quirke win Sturry with 724 and 678 votes. Amy Licence and Jane McNicholl (both Labour) received 487 and 398, Heather Taylor (Independent) 426, Martin Baker and Tim Palmer (both Green) 426 and 397.


Nine wards down, 12 still to go.


Husband-and-wife councillors Ian and Jeanette Stockley have held Beltinge, winning 938 and 921 votes. Green Nicholas Gadsby got 426 votes, Thomas Mellish and Christine Wheeldon (both Labour) received 314 and 299, and Lib Dem Joslin Palmer had 193.


Long-standing councillor Brian Baker has lost his seat as Gorrell becomes a sea of red.


It's a clean sweep for Labour in Gorrell, with Chris Cornell, George Caffery and Valerie Kenny winning 1,416, 1,418 and 1,307 votes respectively. Alex Stevens, Jolyon Trimingham and Beryl Wilson (all Green) received 1298, 894 and 638, Conservatives Brian Baker, Derek Horne and Crispin Rampling won 889, 707 and 690, and Lib Dem Andrew Palmer had 262.


In West Bay, Peter Vickery-Jones regains the seat, winning 443 votes. Labour's Nigel Durrant received 216, Roger Everratt got 147, and Liberal Democrat Mary Hughes finished fourth with 108. Cllr Vickery-Jones lost the ward by just a single vote in 2015 to Ukip's Geoff Wimble, who since became an independent.


Neil Baker has held onto Tankerton by just four votes. He received 447 votes, Liberal Democrat James Flanagan won 433 and Labour's Tricia Cooney won 402.


No one here can predict what the make-up of the council will be come the end of the day. Recounts are still underway and there is a great sense of nervousness in the hall. Tory councillor Ashley Clark is confident Herne Bay will be a strong hunting ground for the Conservatives but says the rest of the district is wide open.


There is a slight lull in proceedings. So far, the Conservatives have won six seats, the Lib Dems have three and Labour has none.


There will be a recount for Gorrell ward in Whitstable. Going into today it was held by two Conservative councillors and one from Labour.


Conservatives Andrew Cook with 1226 votes, David Thomas with 1107 and Steve Wilson-Hamilton 1021 have won Heron in Herne Bay. Lynn Faux-Bowyer (Lab) received 703 votes, Nathan Tough (Grn) 658, Gilbert House (Lab) 618, Luke Sullivan (Lab) 593, Michael Seymour (Ind) 554, Helen Sole (LibDem) 353, Cliff Arter (LibDem) 331, Graham Wood (LibDem) 306. The ward remains blue.


Long-standing Conservative Ian Thomas has held onto his Swalecliffe seat with 387 votes. He was followed by Morag Warren (Lab) 387, Julie Ellis (Grn) 185 and Archie Ratcliffe (Lib Dem) 81.


It is very close running in Tankerton and Barton. There will be recounts for both - the margin between third and fourth in the latter is currently just 10 votes.


Another shock here as senior Conservative Blean Forest councillor Ben Fitter-Harding has been voted, along with Liberal Democrat George Metcalfe. In come Lib Dems Alex Ricketts with 612 votes and Dan Smith with 567 Conservative Barbara Flack with 583.


David Hirst, who defected from Ukip last year to join the newly created Foundation Party, has been voted out as councillor for Greenhill. He is replaced by Conservative Dan Watkins who won 373 votes. Labour's Roger Dengate won 201 votes, Mr Hirst won 161 and Green Job Dexters received 78.


Read our story about council leader Simon Cook's shock loss HERE.


Nervous Labour leader Alan Baldock did not want to disclose which seats the party is expecting to win. He said: "The piles of split votes are unbelievable. I think every ward in the city is much closer than we anticipated."


Whitstable wards Swalecliffe and Tankerton had turnouts of 37% and 46%. Counting has started for both.


Counting has begun for Herne Bay ward Greenhill. Its turnout was announced to have been 27%.


In Nailbourne, Mike Sole and Simon Cook were followed by Mike Ferguson (Ukip) with 124 votes and Evelyn Andrews (Lab) with 115 votes.


Returning officer Colin Carmichael has declared Mike Sole has been elected the councillor for Nailbourne, beating council leader Simon Cook. Cllr Sole won 831 votes, while Mr Cook was given 593 - a majority of 238.


The Nailbourne candidates have been called to the front of the hall. The results will be announced any minute now...



The turnouts in Blean Forest Forest, Gorrell, Heron and Barton stand at 35%, 41%, 29% and 36%.


Returning officer Colin Carmichael has announced that council leader Simon Cook's Nailbourne seat will be the first to be counted. Its turnout is 53%.


Council leader Simon Cook, who holds a slim majority in Nailbourne, has just arrived.


Beltinge councillor Ian Stockley is pessimistic ahead of the announcement of the results. He says he "wouldn't bet on the Conservatives holding" onto their majority.


Conservative councillor Joe Howes believes his party will narrowly hold onto its majority, while Lib Dem leader Michael Dixey is predicting gains in Nailbourne, Westgate and Blean Forest.


We're hearing that the first of the results - council leader Simon Cook's Nailbourne seat - is to be announced at about 11am.


There is a little time to wait for results today, with counting not expected to get underway until about 10.30am.

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