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Canterbury and Whitstable MP Rosie Duffield embroiled in 'transphobe' twitter feud

A Kent MP has become embroiled in an online spat after being accused of transphobia.

Canterbury and Whitstable MP Rosie Duffield got into the keyboard war after seemingly liking a controversial Piers Morgan tweet.

Rosie Duffield became embroiled in a twitter spat. Picture: Suzanne Bold/The Labour Party
Rosie Duffield became embroiled in a twitter spat. Picture: Suzanne Bold/The Labour Party

Ms Duffield's followers were able to see that she had liked the tweet, in which Mr Morgan seemed to take issue with CNN referring to "individuals with a cervix"

The action was raised by Labour activist and Canterbury resident Sarah Cundy, who said "Add to the list of reasons Rosie Duffield needs booting, she’s a transphobe too".

Ms Duffield then responded, saying "I'm a 'transphobe' for knowing that only women have a cervix....?!"

When a follower shared an article in response referring to trans men with a cervix, the Labour MP said "Of course this applies to some people, they'll know who they are and this advice is great.

"But the implication that one cannot describe oneself as a woman without inviting a pile-on is beyond ridiculous now. Almost 52% of the UK population are women."

Ms Duffield then went on say that the CNN post "Isn't a post about transphobia, it's a post about female body parts...Hugely insulting to all women, trans or cis, in my opinion.

She called the ongoing reaction a "tedious communist pile-on" and said that it was "hardly a suitable discussion for Twitter."

The debate has escalated to the extent where 'Rosie Duffield' is now trending on the social media app in the UK, with at least 4,000 tweets in the last few hours.

There have been widespread calls on the site for Ms Duffield to resign her post as MP, and just as many accounts defending her posts.

However there was more Twitter woe for Ms Duffield when a fake tweet was set up to look like it was from her account and began being shared. It suggested she was sick of representing ****** people and was looking forward to getting a 'cushy media job' if she was voted out.

Rosie Duffield's tweet on Saturday evening
Rosie Duffield's tweet on Saturday evening

The MP's representatives said the tweet had likely been photoshopped, adding Ms Duffield's Twitter activity had been thoroughly checked and nothing with those words had been written by anyone connected with the account.

She later tweeted that she had been victim of a fake post purporting to come from her account and that it was not the first time it had happened.

She asked people to disregard it, saying she would not be adding anything else to her account over the weekend.

"I've locked my account to prevent any further fake tweets," she added.

This is the latest controversial moment in the Labour MP's career, after she was forced to resign the Labour whip after admitting to breaching lockdown restrictions with her new partner in May.

Ms Duffield has been contacted for comment.

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