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Jacob-Rees Mogg MP tells University of Kent students he has "no fear" of People's Vote

A prominent Brexit-supporting MP says he is not scared of a second EU referendum.

Jacob Rees-Mogg told students at the University of Kent today he believes a People's Vote would be won "overwhelmingly" by Leave.

Speaking at an event in Canterbury, the Conservative MP for North East Somerset said he was confident even voters who previously wanted to stay in the EU would back Brexit should the question be put to the electorate again, out of respect for the original result.

"I have no fear of a second referendum," he said.

"There are so many people, including MPs who voted remain, who say they would vote to leave in a second referendum, because they just think it is undemocratic [to reverse] the first vote.

"I think it would be won by leave, but it would be unbelievably divisive."

Conservative MP Jacob-Rees Mogg (7387761)
Conservative MP Jacob-Rees Mogg (7387761)

The hardline Brexiteer, who has also said there is "nothing to fear" from leaving the EU with no deal, added that if the result were reversed he would "immediately" call for a third vote.

He continued: "Why would anybody who voted leave the first time accept a reversal of the result?"

"We could make it like the Ashes, all through the summer. We could have one in London, one in Birmingham, and one in Manchester.

"We have had three votes. We had the general election in 2015, when David Cameron's manifesto authorised the referendum.

"We then had a referendum in the summer, and we then had a general election when both major parties said they would respect the result of the referendum.

"How many more votes do you want?"

Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg addresses a packed audience at the University of Kent (7387748)
Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg addresses a packed audience at the University of Kent (7387748)

The MP was greeted upon arrival by pro-EU students wearing masks of his face, who held a giant banner quoting a tweet suggesting his support for a second vote when more details were known.

One of the organisers, Alex Elliott, a 20-year-old economics and German student, said: "I was just too young to vote in the referendum and I feel like I'm having my future stolen from me by the older generation.

"We need a People's Vote, because what was offered is not being delivered."

Pro-EU students protest against a talk by Jacob Rees-Mogg (7387754)
Pro-EU students protest against a talk by Jacob Rees-Mogg (7387754)
Alex Elliott
Alex Elliott

Asked about the breakaway of three pro-Remain Conservative MPs earlier this week, Rees-Mogg said it would be hard to see them having an impact because Brexit had already been decided.

"They are leaving their parties fundamentally because of an issue that has been settled.

"Brexit was settled in 2016 and we are leaving on the 29 March. Setting up an anti-Brexit party now leaves a bit of a gap in your policy."

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