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BMW ‘drifting’ enthusiast Warren Lees from Sandwich gains hundreds of supporters for petition for dedicated track in Kent

A car power sliding enthusiast who sparked furious condemnation for his antics on Kent’s roads has now launched a petition for the creation of a “drift” track in the county.

Warren Lees was filmed for a petrolhead YouTube channel drifting his powerful modified BMW around roundabouts on the A256 near Sandwich which led to his car being seized by police.

The vehicle was later returned but 33-year-old Mr Lees told KentOnline that he will carry on drifting, despite already being banned three times, being fined a total of £7,000 and now awaiting another potential magistrates’ court date after being reported for careless driving.

He argues he is “perfectly safe” and in control of the car but there is nowhere in Kent for fellow drivers like him to go to indulge their passion.

“I understand it might look bad to some people, but I always pick a time and place when it’s quiet and back off if other cars are around,” he said.

But he faced a barrage of criticism from dozens of KentOnline readers who branded him an “idiot” and a danger to other road users, as well as calling for his car to be crushed.

Mr Lees said some of the personal abuse leveled at him was “disgusting”, adding: “My previous driving disqualifications were over 10 years ago, so I’m not out there driving while disqualified as has been suggested.”

Warren Lees with his modified 'drift' BMW
Warren Lees with his modified 'drift' BMW
Warren Lees drifts the car with Motor Addicts YouTube channel boss Owen Forrest in the passenger seat
Warren Lees drifts the car with Motor Addicts YouTube channel boss Owen Forrest in the passenger seat

Mr Lees, a former marine engineer, has spent £15,000 modifying his car for drifting and has a business called E46 Drift Builds UK, working on customers’ cars.

Now he has launched a petition on Change.org, entitled Open Local Drift Track Now! which has already attracted almost 500 signatures.

He says: “As a passionate drifting professional residing in the Sandwich area, I am deeply concerned about the lack of a dedicated drift track.

“Drifting is not just a hobby for me; it is an exhilarating sport that allows me and others to express creativity and skill behind the wheel. However, without a proper facility to practice and compete, passions remain unfulfilled.”

He says that drifting is immensely popular worldwide, requiring “precision, control and technique” but enthusiasts have “limited options” to pursue their hobby safely without a dedicated track.

Warren Lees with his modified 'drift' BMW
Warren Lees with his modified 'drift' BMW

He argues there are “compelling reasons” for a local drift track, including reducing illegal street racing, attracting economic benefits and “inspiring future generations” to learn to drift their cars in a safe environment.

“By establishing a local drift track facility equipped with proper safety measures and professional guidance from experienced drivers/instructors, we can inspire younger generations to engage in responsible motorsport activities rather than engaging in risky behaviour on public roads,” he says.

Mr Lees was stopped by police while he was being filmed at the wheel for the YouTube channel, Motor Addicts, whose bosses later distanced themselves from his driving, saying they do not condone it on public roads.

Following the impounding of the car, Dover District Commander DCI Keith Taylor said: “Nuisance driving of this kind has an impact on other road users and residents and I am aware of concerns in the Sandwich area about the issue.

“I hope the seizure of this vehicle and the further proceedings the driver now faces sends out a message to others who might drive in this way – your behaviour won't be tolerated and we will take action against you.”


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