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'Fire and evacuation' in Channel today

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Audio: Kaimes Beasely
explains the exercise

Kaimes Beasely is the Channel Navigation Service Manager based
at Dover Coastguard. He said: "The purpose of the exercise is to
test our joint operating arrangements and to interface with our
shore-based emergency service colleagues - the sort of liaison
service we require with our colleagues in the event of a
large-scale maritime incident.

"It will enable us to see how our procedures are at the present
time: is there any need to review these procedures, do we need
to make any changes based up on the results of the exercise?"


  • UK MIRG (Maritime and Response Group) teams provide cover for the UK coastline for fires, hazardous materials and industrial accidents.
  • MIRG personnel are alerted by pager when incidents occur once tasked by the MCA.
  • MIRG personnel aim to be equipped and ready to fly within 60 minutes.
  • The team are all volunteers who, in addition to learning practical ship firefighting, are trained in water sea survival, helicopter underwater escape, helicopter operations, winching and use of the extensive equipment provided by the MCA and Fire Service specifically for the team.
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