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Deborah Rose admits stabbing two-timing husband John Rose

A woman stabbed her cheating husband seven times after he gloated about his sexual conquests, a court has heard.

Deborah Rose – a counsellor with a housing charity – lost control after she had sex with two-timing hubby of 20 years, John.

He then told her he was in a relationship with a new woman, "a solicitor and a brilliant mother" and she retorted: “How is it you get to be happy ever after?”

Police in Beach Street, Deal, at the time of the attack
Police in Beach Street, Deal, at the time of the attack

Prosecutor Don Ramble told Canterbury Crown Court how Mrs Rose, of Northbourne Road in Great Mongeham, near Deal, then launched a ferocious attack with a kitchen knife.

After screaming: “I’m gonna kill you. I’m gonna murder you” the mother of three plunged the knife into him after he had tried to throw her out of his home in Beach Street, Deal.

He told Judge James O’Mahony: “Mr Rose was able to stagger out of the front door and he made his way down the stairs of the apartment block to get out and get help.

“He went to a nearby pub called The Bohemian where people went to his assistance and offered him first aid.”

His girlfriend Mikal Anderson called him and he told her: “Mikal, she’s got me. She’s stabbed me. She stabbed me seven times. She tried to kill me. I don’t think I’m going to make it.”

Then Mrs Rose telephoned Ms Anderson and during a four-minute “rant” and said: “Why are you shacking up with a married man? We want to be together. He loves me... I’m in his flat right now. You need to back off. I tried to kill myself.”

The judge heard that on February 26 – just days before the stabbing – Mrs Rose had been taken to the QEQM Hospital after taking an overdose of paracetamol tablets.

Mr Rose had collected her from hospital the following day before taking his wife to his flat after she had bought two bottles of Prosecco.

Mr Ramble said: “They both had a drink and Mr and Mrs Rose had sex. She then went to sleep for about an hour.

“Mr Rose then ran a bath and at this point all was fine. They had been talking amicably about the break-up of their relationship and that Mr Rose was now in a relationship with Ms Anderson. Initially Mrs Rose offered Mr Rose her best wishes.”

The prosecutor said that after getting into the bath her mood changed and she threatened to smash up his flat before throwing jugs of milk and water, a glass vase and a vacuum cleaner at her husband.

“Deborah is a kind and compassionate mother and I would never have believed she was capable of what she did to me...” - victim John Rose

Mr Ramble said that Mr Rose then forced her to leave the flat even though she was only partially dressed and he struck her on the face and kicked her legs until she was outside.

“Mrs Rose then came back inside the apartment, stormed into the kitchen and grabbed a knife from the rack.

“She ran into the bedroom, opened his wardrobe and started cutting his clothes. She cut jumpers, jeans and jackets... raking through them with the knife before throwing jackets out of the window.

“After raking the knife down the Venetian blinds in the bedroom, she called Ms Anderson and told her: 'You think you are posh... you might love him but he is confused.'

“All the while she was digging the end of the knife into the windowsill and frame," he added.

Mr Rose was later treated for stab injuries which included wounds which damaged his liver.

He would later say in a victim personal statement: “Like most couples, Deborah and I have had our troubles in the past but this incident came out of the blue.

“I believe that Deborah was under a lot of pressure and her mental state was not as it should be. I have forgiven her and bear her no malice. I am saddened about the impact it has had on our family.

“Deborah is a kind and compassionate mother and I would never have believed she was capable of what she did to me.”

But he then asked the judge to make a restraining order prohibiting her from contacting him other than for child welfare issues.

But defence barrister Paul Hogben told how when the couple lived in Spain for 10 years Mr Rose fathered a child – and his wife only discovered it when the mother turned up at their home with a baby in arms.

“On the day, the two had sex together and then he began telling her about other women that he had sex with during their relationship. That was a revelation.

“He then went onto say his new girlfriend was a solicitor and a brilliant mum... all this while she was mentally unwell.”

He added: “Deborah Rose hurt the one person that she will ever hurt and committed the one act of violence she will ever commit.”

He added that at the time of the attack she was suffering from Bipolar 2, which was only diagnosed later, and given tablets which would have resulted in extreme mood swings.

Judge O’Mahony adjourned sentencing. She had admitted wounding her husband with intent to cause him serious harm.

The Crown Prosecution Service was about to charge her with attempted murder when she entered her guilty plea to the lesser offence.

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