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Single mum reveals secrets after her children have never missed a day of school

It's an achievement for any child to be able to claim 100% attendance throughout an entire academic year, but these siblings have managed it throughout their whole school career.

Hannah Brice, 18, and her younger brother Ottie, 16, both have perfect attendance at Goodwin Academy in Deal.

The Brice family: Ottie, Hannah and mum Mim
The Brice family: Ottie, Hannah and mum Mim

For Hannah it means she’s not had a day off in seven years, while Ottie has managed five years and counting.

Single mum Mim Brice, 45, says she has continued to drum into them the importance of their education.

Strict by our own admittance, the care assistant leads by example, having not missed a day of work in her eight years at St Albans care home.

She told KentOnline how she’s managed all her children’s healthcare appointments outside of school hours and has even rearranged operations to coincide with the school holidays.

She believes breastfeeding them as babies and encouraging them to interact with others when they were small has helped build up their immune system.

She said: “I’m strict in that school is somewhere you have to go, whether you like it or not.

Hannah Brice is Miss Invicta Kent
Hannah Brice is Miss Invicta Kent

“They don’t ever come to me to ask for the day off, because they know the answer will be 'no'.

“If you miss just one day, that could be the one day you learn the answer to the vital question that could come up on your exam sheet.

“To get places in life, you have to show determination and consistency and work through the good and the bad.”

Although not serious, Hannah and Ottie - who are both school councillors - haven’t escaped illness throughout the years but they’ve shown resilience to it.

Mrs Brice said: “Hannah has suffered with ear infections but I only accepted doctors appointments after school.

Ottie Brice is a police cadet
Ottie Brice is a police cadet

“Both had braces. Ottie has had two major operations and I’ve cancelled them to move the dates into the holidays.

“I rung up and moved them purposefully.”

Even when Hannah had a trampoline accident and spent an evening in A&E, her mum packed her off to school the next day.

For colds and sore throats, Mrs Brice said: “There’s nothing like good old Lemsip and Covonia.”

Mrs Brice, of Mill Road, has a strict breakfast policy.

The family of three sit together each morning to enjoy a hearty breakfast of cereal and toast or sometimes croissants and fresh fruit.

They have also always eaten school dinners. Another rule is that Hannah and Ottie must complete their homework on the day it is issued.

Mrs Brice said: “I think it eases stress and means their weekends are their own.”

Hannah Brice is congratulated by TSAT director Gwynn Bassan (right) and Goodwin Academy principal Simon Smith (left) for her 100% attendance
Hannah Brice is congratulated by TSAT director Gwynn Bassan (right) and Goodwin Academy principal Simon Smith (left) for her 100% attendance

She says this allows the children to take part in extra curricular activities.

Hannah as Invicta Queen attends regular carnival events. Ottie is a police cadet in Dover.

Hannah is the first person in her family to have got into university.

She received an unconditional offer from Canterbury Christ Church University, where she is now studying to become a social worker.

She believes the offer is off the back of her impressive attendance record.

Mrs Brice said: “The reference she got from the school was outstanding.

“I’m very proud of them. Not many children can do this. They’ve achieved so much.”

Goodwin Academy has congratulated the siblings.

Principal Simon Smith said: “We are very proud of them both and the commitment they have shown to their school and their studies.

“Excellent attendance is a result of not only personal resilience but strong support from home and we are very grateful for the support that Mrs Brice has given to the school over the years.”

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