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Life of Grimes, the weekly column with Dover Athletic captain Jamie Grimes

I don’t usually get nervous before a game but I must admit I had a bit of a panic attack last Saturday.

And we hadn’t even made it to Cheltenham either!

We were travelling by coach and had stopped at a hotel in Swindon for our pre-match meal.

Dover captain Jamie Grimes,right, in action against Braintree on Tuesday Picture: Tony Flashman
Dover captain Jamie Grimes,right, in action against Braintree on Tuesday Picture: Tony Flashman

If you are wondering what it is, well, nothing glamorous ... it was toast, beans, eggs and chicken.

There is no other time I could imagine eating this combination but before a game, it does the trick and gives you the energy you need.

Anyway, it wasn’t what was on the menu that caused me to have a bit of a cold sweat – that came after we went to leave.

I needed to answer the call of nature so was one of the last to leave but when I came out of the hotel, I couldn’t see the coach – it wasn’t parked where it had been when we arrived.

I made a quick call to Bellers (Liam Bellamy) but it went straight to answer phone so I started to panic, thinking the coach had left and was somewhere with no reception.

Now I was worried – they’d gone without me. Or so I thought.

I went around the corner and there it was ... they had moved it in preparation for us to continue the journey.

I breathed a sigh of relief as I boarded it, not letting the lads know I had almost lost it only minutes earlier.

I settled into my seat but as we got to the end of the road, I had a phone call from Bellers – looking for the coach!

I had a look around and Bellers wasn’t on board. The coach stopped leaving the midfielder with an early warm-up as he ran down the road to catch up!

It’s disappointing to see Tom Wynter leave.

Dartford defender Tom Wynter Picture: Matt Bristow
Dartford defender Tom Wynter Picture: Matt Bristow

He is a big character in the dressing room and was always making people laugh – every team needs one like Tom.

I know who is going to miss him the most, Hooky (Lee Hook) – the other side of the double act.

The two of them were always laughing and having fun whenever they could.

Hooky now needs a partner in crime to laugh at his jokes, Tom was the only one who did ... just kidding Hooky.

So who will it be? Maybe Naby (Diallo) can step up? He is always coming up with little comments to wind people up so that’s a good start.

Until next week. COYW!

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