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General Election 2019: This is who you can vote for in Faversham and Mid Kent


Now that election campaigns have officially kicked off, parties have chosen the candidates who will stand for each constituency.

Here is who you can vote for in Favershamand Mid Kent on December 12.



Hannah Perkin
Hannah Perkin

Hannah has lived in Faversham with her husband since 2010 and they have two primary aged children. Hannah is an award-winning business owner as well as a bar manager turned volunteer coordinator. She previously studied Archaeology and Classical History at the University of Reading. In May 2019 Hannah was elected to both Faversham Town Council and Swale Borough Council where she is the Deputy Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing.

Hannah is an ardent campaigner on the environment and Vice-Chair of Faversham Town Council’s “Climate and Biodiversity Committee”. Hannah pressed for Faversham Council to declare a Climate Emergency and is part of the Cabinet that pushed for the same at Swale Borough Council.

Hannah is a passionate animal rights campaigner. Until recently she volunteered at a local animal rescue. She often speaks to local groups about animal welfare and about reducing our impact on animal suffering through making simple changes in our lifestyle. A pro-European activist Hannah believes that we are better off as a nation within the European Union and that Brexit is damaging for our future.

Hannah hopes to bring some kindness and empathy back into politics, qualities which are desperately lacking today.


Jenny Reeves
Jenny Reeves

I was born and grew up in Faversham, I have been a parent governor, a Rainbow Leader and Involved with several community organisations, most recently I’m the Secretary for the St Nicholas Allotment Group.

I have campaigned all my life and recently have led the Campaign in regard the Faversham Crown Post Office and I started the petition that was featured in the Save our Tree Campaign , a community led protest that successfully saved a much loved Cherry Tree in Faversham Recreation Ground. I’m an ambassador for 50:50 Parliament and a Champion for the White Ribbon Campaign.

I’m passionate about addressing the issues within our constituency, especially those caused by austerity. I want to bring an end to social injustice and ensure our public services have the funding they truly need for our communities.


Hannah Temple
Hannah Temple

Hannah Temple moved to Faversham three years ago and has since become deeply embedded in the community, acting as a Trustee at the Abbey Physic Community Garden and volunteering with local environmental and social initiatives in between her work in human rights.

The married 33-year-old puts tackling the climate emergency at the top of her priorities stating that "the Green Party is the only one that has a costed, clear plan to deliver net zero emissions by 2030 and can be trusted to take the climate emergency seriously".

Ms. Temple also wants to see more powers devolved to local authorities and people. She recently ran a People's Assembly in Faversham which allows community members to come together to discuss topics in a truly inclusive way. Speaking about the event she said "This is the future of politics. No one being talked at, and instead everyone's questions and ideas being heard."

She also wants more consideration to be given to housing development across the Kent countryside. She said "We all acknowledge that we need more affordable housing but this should not be done thoughtlessly, in contradiction to the government's own targets to reduce carbon emissions and at the expense of our wildlife and natural flood defences."


Helen Whately
Helen Whately

“In this election, we have the chance to finally move on from Brexit. We can focus our efforts on the NHS, schools, the safety of our streets and everything else people care about. Or we face years of more uncertainty and the danger of Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister.

“Since I was first elected in 2015, I’ve always tried to do the right thing for our community and worked hard to make things better for people.

“Being your MP is about putting you first. In my advice surgeries, on the doorstep or when I’m out and about, I’m always listening and trying to make things better.

“I want to see better access to GPs, less traffic on our roads, more money left after paying the bills, more opportunities for young people, healthier and happier lives for us all. And crucially, for the sake of future generations, an environment where nature can thrive. These will continue to be my priorities if I am re-elected.”

We are awaiting responses from the remaining candidates.

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