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Victim of hammer attack gives evidence in Perry Redmond's attempted murder trial

A pensioner has revealed the moment she feared she was going to die in a savage hammer attack in her home.

The 72 year old said she was asked for money by a man she had allowed to stay while building work was being done.

Her account of the attack at her home in Dargate Road, Yorkletts, was videoed and has been played to the jury at Canterbury Crown Court.

The victim was attacked with a hammer, the court heard
The victim was attacked with a hammer, the court heard

Perry Redmond, 49, of Wheatsheaf Close in Faversham, who has denied attempted murder was not in the dock after refusing to leave his prison cell.

The woman said Perry asked for cash but she only had 50p in her purse at the time but offered to feed him.

“He said to me: ’You won’t give me £2 to feed me and my dog?’ I said: 'it wasn’t a question of not giving it to you Perry, I just haven’t got it'.

“He then pushed his way in and I thought: ’Oh my god’. He opened a kitchen draw and took a knife out. He said: ”That could go right through you’. I didn’t say nothing.

“He said: ‘That’s a coward’s way’ and threw it back in the drawer. He then started slapping me and picked up a really heavy frying pan and hit me with it over the head and face.

“I was in such shock. It was unbelievable.”

The frightened woman then called a friend of Redmond for help, who she said turned up and then left.

Minutes later Redmond returned and “really, really laid into me.”

Redmond called her friend “ a little weasel” who couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag.

She added: “He then started hitting me and hitting me with a hammer, saying: ’Where’s your helper now?’

“I said: ’Please, Perry, stop.” He then walloped me and went mad. He then said: ‘I’m sure you’ve called the Old Bill. Do you think they are going to help you?’" she added.

The attack happened in the victim's home in Dargate Road (5235640)
The attack happened in the victim's home in Dargate Road (5235640)

Redmond then screamed abuse about Kent Police before ordering her to kneel and beg for her life.

She fled the house twice, but Redmond stopped her the first time and dragged her back into her house by her hair.

The second time, as she ran away, Redmond is alleged to have pulled her top and bra off, leaving her partially naked in the street before hitting her again with the hammer.

She told police: “I thought I was going to die.”

The woman later crawled back into her home and hid in her bathroom until police officers arrived. She was taken to hospital and treated for wounds to her head, broken collarbone, broken ribs and bruises.

The trial continues.

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