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By starting your day on the right foot, you’ll be surprised at how productive and energised you can be. What’s more, the right home environment can help you become a morning person.

Check out these clever ways your interior can allow you to embrace each day.

Photo by John Donkin Architect Inc
Photo by John Donkin Architect Inc

Don’t schedule too much

Nothing will make you want to stay in bed more than the prospect of a stressful day. Keep life as simple as possible by not arranging too much for you to do.

Make a space in your home for writing lists of jobs that need doing, as well as fun things you’d like to do, so that you feel in control. Organise your week ahead of time and ensure that, as well as essential chores and errands, you include treats and outings every day, such as a quick coffee with a friend or a walk in the park.

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Photo by Stiff and Trevillion
Photo by Stiff and Trevillion

Unwind in the evening

The first step to an alert morning is a good night’s sleep. It’s best to start your bedtime routine an hour or two before actually hitting the pillow.

Relax after dinner with some television or a film – invest in a soft, generous sofa for the ultimate in relaxation, and keep the lighting at a low level to help your body wind down.

Photo by Wickenden Hutley
Photo by Wickenden Hutley

Create a restful haven

Your bedroom should be as calm as possible to help you relax before falling asleep. Keep the palette simple and block out any light with lined curtains or blinds. Also make sure that your bedroom isn’t too hot – according to many sleep experts, the ideal temperature is around 18°C.

Try not to take any technology to bed with you, as blue light from computer and smartphone screens can interfere with your sleep. Instead, escape into the pages of a good book until you’re sleepy enough to nod off.

Photo by John Lewis
Photo by John Lewis

Break the habit of hitting snooze

When the alarm goes off in the morning, our instinct is often to hit the snooze button. Resolve to stop rolling over for a few more minutes of sleep and get yourself up and out of bed instead.

Make your bedroom an inviting space that you want to wake up in. Here, the delicate pattern in the bedding and wallpaper creates an energising feel, while the carpeted floor adds a soft, welcoming touch as you step out of bed. Once you’ve forced yourself to avoid hitting snooze for a few weeks, you should have broken the habit.

Photo by Jackson Cabinetry LLC
Photo by Jackson Cabinetry LLC

Wake yourself up with exercise

It probably sounds like the last thing you want to do, but a quick early morning exercise routine is a fabulous way to start the day. Make it easy for yourself by laying a rug in a small area of your bedroom. Hop out of bed and spend 10 to 15 minutes on a combination of stretches and invigorating cardio moves. For exercise ideas, look online for tutorials and videos.

This is another habit that might take a few weeks to master, but once you feel the benefits, it’ll soon become part of your morning routine.

Photo by Hannah Brown
Photo by Hannah Brown

Design an inviting bathroom

Tempt yourself out of the bedroom and into the shower by ensuring your bathroom is welcoming. Stock up on fluffy towels and toiletries, make sure it’s warm on cold mornings and include some cosy touches, such as pictures, plants or even a chair.

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Look forward to breakfast

Start the day with a healthy breakfast and make time to sit down and enjoy it. If you get up a little earlier, you’ll have time to savour the first meal of the day, rather than running out of the door with a piece of toast in your mouth.

Create a space in your kitchen where you can sit down and eat. In a small kitchen this could be as simple as a stool pulled up at the worktop.

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Photo by Sim Barker Interiors
Photo by Sim Barker Interiors

Let in daylight

Wake yourself up with plenty of natural light. As soon as you jump out of bed, open the blinds or curtains to trigger the brain to awaken. Ensure the whole house benefits from plenty of sunlight by avoiding obstructions in front of windows and keeping the glass as clean as possible.

Photo by Arlo & Jacob
Photo by Arlo & Jacob

Keep your home tidy

The trick to becoming a morning person is to look forward to getting out of bed. Get your home to help by creating a tidy space that feels pleasant to walk around. Provide storage for each room where things can be put away in the evening and keep décor simple and calm.

Similarly, your wardrobe should be neat and organised to make it easy to get dressed in the morning.

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Use the time to be productive

The best thing about getting up early is the time you’ll add to your day. To motivate yourself to get up, use the extra minutes to be more productive. This could involve getting a head start on work, or spending quarter of an hour on another project you’ve always wanted to do.

Create a quiet spot in your home like the one shown here, where you can head to for some early morning inspiration.

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