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Green New Deal Rising and Stop Cambo barge in on Kwasi Kwarteng lunch in Folkestone over energy crisis and windfall tax

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Climate activists barged into a lunch where business secretary Kwasi Kwarteng was a special guest.

Campaign groups Green New Deal Rising and Stop Cambo disrupted the business secretary's afternoon at Three Hills in Folkestone to "send a clear message'" about a windfall tax – a one-off payment by big energy providers whose profits have soared.

In a Twitter video, that was recorded and posted on Friday, activists shout to those in attendance at the networking lunch.

One woman said: "Millions of people are choosing between heating and eating, people cannot feed their children, we want to live in a planet that people care about."

Another, who held a sign that read '#StopJackdaw' said: "And whilst millions are struggling to survive due to rising energy bills Shell has just announced a record seven billion pounds in profit.

"By blocking the windfall tax, Kwasi."

As the women spoke, those attending the lunch could be heard chanting "out, out, out".

Green New Deal Rising and Stop Cambo activists, disrupted the business sectary's afternoon in Folkestone
Green New Deal Rising and Stop Cambo activists, disrupted the business sectary's afternoon in Folkestone

As the video continued, another woman could be heard saying: "You said yourself that new oil and gas will not affect prices.

"The best way to bring down bills is energy efficiency."

A man later shouted to Mr Kwarteng: "How could you possibly think it's a good deal, a good idea, to back jackdaw when millions of people can't afford to pay their bills."

Jackdaw is a gas and condensate field proposed to be developed in the North Sea to be operated by Royal Dutch Shell.

Later in the video, which has been viewed almost 300,000 times, a woman can be heard saying: "Kwasi, you are lying to the UK public, you are trying to make us believe that by drilling new oil and gas we will be safe but in reality you are trapping us into an unaffordable energy system.

"You are destroying our future, the climate crisis will destroy our future."

Green New Deal Rising's Tweet read: "We need a windfall tax, huge investment in energy efficiency and renewables, and no new oil and gas."

Mr Kwarteng, the Conservative serving as Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, responded: "Shout and scream all you like, but I’m not going to put Britain’s energy security at risk by shutting off domestic oil and gas production.

"We will need oil and gas for decades to come. Either we source more of what we need from the North Sea, or import more from abroad."

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