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'Relentless burglar' Anthony Foord jailed after being found asleep clutching jewellery he stole in Folkestone

A thief has been jailed after he was found asleep on the sofa clutching jewellery he had stolen during a burglary.

Heroin addict Anthony Foord was seen running away from a house in Sunningale Avenue Folkestone in May carrying stolen jewels.

Officers found his DNA on a bottle he had left behind at the scene and had been tipped off that the 39-year-old had been given access to a property in Folkestone that he was staying in on Tuesday, May 8.

Anthony Foord has been jailed for seven years. Picture: Kent Police
Anthony Foord has been jailed for seven years. Picture: Kent Police

When police arrived at the property they found the thief, of no fixed address, asleep on the sofa holding a jewellery box close to his chest.

He was surrounded by more than 180 other items including earrings, more jewellery boxes and watches.

A judge has jailed the “relentless” burglar for seven years telling him the public, his victims and his court "has had enough of you for some time”.

The jury learned it has convicted Foord, formerly of Naseby Avenue, Folkestone, of his 23rd burglary.

His barrister told Canterbury Crown Court that his father was also a house burglar who took him on raids as a child when he was rewarded with cannabis.

Prosecutor Ian Foinette told the judge that among his haul in previous break-ins were presents, awards, photographs, and medals, and mementoes from the Great War and for public service.

Foord, who had denied the offence, remained impassive in the dock as Judge James O’Mahony spoke to him.

"You have no moral compass. You only had thoughts for yourself...” - Judge James O’Mahony

He said: “I wonder if you gave any thought about the misery you have caused when you just knocked these out to other criminals to get money to buy drugs?”

The court heard how the burglar’s strategy was to target semi-rural premises while ensuring he had fields to aid his escape.

But in May this year he was spotted by a neighbour and then tried lie his way out by claiming he was being chased.

The jury heard that when the householder returned he discovered the house ransacked – and the victim’s wife’s underwear scattered on the floor.

Among the things stolen were a wedding anniversary ring, 15 watches, a bracelet, photograph’s of the victim’s daughter’s wedding.

Judge O’Mahony added: “You have no moral compass. You only had thoughts for yourself.”

The judge added that when he was arrested Foord had “played the victim” of being set up by another and being under the influence of drugs.

“You have tried to lie your way out and you have lied your head off," he added.

The jury acquitted him of a charge of burgling a house in Audley Road, Folkestone, in May when jewellery was stolen.

Defence barrister Alex Rooke said Foord's father was a burglar who took him on raids and rewarded him with drugs.

"He's phlegmatic and knows he is going to prison."

He asked the judge to temper his punishment with "humanity" for Foord but the judge retorted: "And humanity towards his victims."

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