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Million pound Lotto win for Folkestone couple Alan and Marjorie Tyrie

A couple are celebrating a £1 million lottery win - just weeks after one of them was made redundant.

Alan Tyrie hit the jackpot just weeks after he lost his job and he and wife Marjorie celebrated with a modest cup of tea.

The Folkestone couple, both 58, won on the Lotto Millionaire Raffle from last Saturday’s Lotto draw.

Marjorie and Alan celebrate their Lotto win
Marjorie and Alan celebrate their Lotto win

Marjorie, club steward at Cheriton Oddfellows Social Club in Broomfield Road, Cheriton, has always managed the couple’s lottery tickets and last Saturday was no different.

She said: “Every Saturday afternoon, between coming home from bingo and heading off to work at the Club, I have a cup of tea and play our Lotto for the week online on my iPad. It’s always two lines of the same numbers but it’s not always a £1million win!”

VIDEO: The couple hit the jackpot by winning the Lotto Millionaire Raffle.

With her tickets bought Marjorie said cheerio to Alan and headed off to work where she watched the draw show with some of the Club regulars but seeing they only matched one number wasn’t expecting to receive an email from The National Lottery the following day.

Marjorie said:“On Sunday afternoon Alan was at the golf course and I was organising some of the club admin when I saw an email from The National Lottery in my inbox.

Marjorie and Alan Tyrie with their cheque
Marjorie and Alan Tyrie with their cheque

“I was bemused because I knew we’d only matched one number in the Lotto draw so clicked on it.

“I saw all those zeros staring back at me, having matched the Lotto Millionaire Raffle code.

The mum-of-two was at first convinced it had to be a scam so she logged out of her account and then back in again, fully expecting the £1,000,000 win to have disappeared.

She said: “It was like a candid camera moment with me logging in and out, checking on my phone and finally, shaking like a leaf, calling The National Lottery to see if the win really was right.

Marjorie and Alan pop the champagne to celebrate
Marjorie and Alan pop the champagne to celebrate

"Even after they had verified we were millionaires I was sure it was an elaborate prank of some sort.”

When keen golfer Alan returned from his round of golf he found Marjorie on the phone to their eldest son discussing her thoughts about moving house.

He was left utterly speechless when Marjorie announced they had just won £1 million. And while many people discovering they had just become millionaires may reach for the champagne, the pair had a quick celebratory cup of tea before Marjorie rushed out the door to work.

Marjorie and Alan Tyrie celebrate their £1m Lotto win.
Marjorie and Alan Tyrie celebrate their £1m Lotto win.

Marjorie has no plans to leave her regulars at the Oddfellows just yet although Alan, a construction welder, has suggested that he may try working on his golf handicap for a bit.

Marjorie said: “We have always worked hard for everything we have - whether buying our own home or putting our son though university – so we really know the value of hard work.

“Even after Alan was made redundant within a week he had found another contracting job which he actually started the morning after we discovered the win.

"Welding is a physically demanding job so it’ll be nice for him to hang up his welders mask and take it a bit easier for a while.”

The pair are in no hurry to move from the home they have lived in for 30 years but they will pay off the mortgage. And when it comes to a new motor, Marjorie’s only thought is to get a four door so she can get her cash and carry shop for the Club in the boot!

Marjorie said: “We are going to take our time planning our future. It’s going to be a really exciting time and we want to make sure that we do all the things we always dreamt of and still have plenty left over to help our two boys and give us a good retirement.

“This year may have started a little rocky but my gosh, it soon picked up!”

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