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Family flee home as 'ghost' moves in

Lisa Bruce says she thinks her sister's flat is haunted. Picture: MATT READING
Lisa Bruce says she thinks her sister's flat is haunted. Picture: MATT READING

MEMBERS of a Gravesend family say they have been forced to flee their home after a ghostly apparition turned rooms cold and burned candles black.

Even a blessing from a vicar - called in by Gravesham Council - has failed to deter the spirit from spooking the family.

Now Lisa Bruce is concerned for her 24-year-old sister and six-year-old niece after the unexplained happenings at their flat in St Patrick’s Gardens, Gravesend.

Lisa, 30, of nearby Raphael Road, said: “Since just after Christmas there has been some sort of poltergeist or presence in her flat.”

The ghostly goings-on have included:

* Shadows in the hallway

* Rooms suddenly turning from hot to cold

* A feeling someone else is in the room

Most recently the letter M appeared scratched on a toy blackboard and patterns have been appearing in sheets after beds have been made.

Even the family’s usually confident Staffordshire bull terrier Rusty is reluctant to go into the flat.

Gravesham Borough Council brought in a ghostbusting vicar to bless the council flat after a visit from staff last week.

A Gravesham council spokesman said: “A council officer visited the property and made a full assessment, noting the tenant’s queries. These were followed up on return to the council, but we could not find any realistic conclusion.

“As this was the case we made enquiries on behalf of the tenant with St Aidan’s Church to see if they could offer any suggestions.”

Vicar Peter Rich from St Aidan’s visited to bless the flat and placed candles and crosses in some of the rooms.

He said: “The council did contact me and we are trying to do what we can to help the family. You do get this sort of situation happen from time to time.”

But it was when the candles given to the family began to burn black, with black smoke plumes and the wicks changing colour, that the family decided enough was enough.

Lisa’s sister, who asked not to be identified, took the decision to move her and her daughter out of the flat. They are now sleeping on the floor in her disabled mother’s bungalow.

Gravesham council has said it had no plans to move the family into temporary accommodation. But Lisa said: “We never believed in any of this but until it happens to you, you don’t know. My sister loves her flat and would like to return when whatever it is goes away, but my sister and my niece can’t sleep on the floor forever.”

Local medium Linda Rowden Allen said: “It is hard to speculate without knowing the family. They could move back in and ignore it or they could try and find out what or who it might be.”

* Anyone who thinks they have experienced ad spooky goings-on in their home is asked to Email labbott@thekmgroup.co.uk or call the Gravesend Messenger newsdesk on 01474 333381.

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