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Sarah Wellgreen murder trial: Family share heartbreak after Lacomba sentenced to life

The mother of Sarah Wellgreen has said she would "give anything to hear her voice".

Today, Sarah's ex-partner Ben Lacomba was sentenced to life in prison after being found guilty of her murder.

Sarah Wellgreen's family speaking outside court today
Sarah Wellgreen's family speaking outside court today

Anne Reid has now shared the extent of the family's pain since her daughter disappeared from New Ash Green more than a year ago.

Giving a statement in court, she said: "The hardest part is not having Sarah; not knowing what he did to her.

"Did she suffer? Was she drugged or in pain. Where did she die? How did she die?

"Did he torment her? Did she know what was going to happen to her?

Mrs Reid said the family had been deprived of somewhere to grieve and how the loss has had a devastating impact on their lives.

She added: "The hardest times have been birthdays and Christmas, but the hardest one of all was Mother’s Day."

Mrs Reid then went on to explain how much Sarah adored her five children.

She said: "We can give our grandchildren love, stability, material possessions and a happy life, but we can’t give them what they want the most, and that is their mum.

“She was a headstrong and caring woman who would step in if she thought someone was being wronged or badly treated."

She added: “She never hurt anyone, she didn’t deserve this. I miss Sarah every day.

Sarah Wellgreen disappeared in October last year
Sarah Wellgreen disappeared in October last year

“I would give anything to hear her voice just once and see her come through the door.

“There’s no bandage big enough to repair the hole in my heart that has been left by her death.”

Outside court after Lacomba was sentenced, Sarah's son, Lewis Burdett, spoke on behalf of the family.

He said: "Today Lacomba has refused to admit he's guilty and to tell the truth about what happened that night.

"Because he has refused to reveal the location of Sarah's body, we have been unable to mourn her passing or lay her to rest in peace."

Ben Lacomba has been sentenced to life imprisonment
Ben Lacomba has been sentenced to life imprisonment

The 23-year-old added: "Her three youngest children have been left without a mother and father - their young lives destroyed beyond comparison.

"We hope Lacomba will never be released unless he admits his guilt and reveals the location of her grave.

"Today, he has shown no remorse or care for either Sarah or his own children.

"As a family, we miss Sarah every day. There is no bandage big enough to repair the wounds that her premature death have left behind.

"We will not, however, let Lacomba destroy our lives.

"Our priority will be to give Sarah's three youngest children every opportunity to be the best they can be and have a full and happy life knowing their mother loved them.

"She will not be there to congratulate them on their achievements or to console them on their disappointments but we will be there every step of the way.

"We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Kent Police for their hard work, grit and determination which led to Lacomba being sentenced today.

Lewis also thanked the family liaison officer, social services and the founders of the Search for Sarah Wellgreen Facebook page.

"Without their support and compassion we could not have survived this nightmare - we are forever indebted to them."

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