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Local Elections 2023: Labour Party retain control of Gravesham Borough Council

Labour has retained control of Gravesham Borough Council.

There was clapping and cheering as the final results came in which saw the party win 22 out of 39 seats with the opposition landing 17.

Labour has retained control of the council
Labour has retained control of the council

Cllr John Burden, leader of the council, said: “I think it was a great result, I am really pleased about it.

“I was nervous before because I do not take things for granted but I think it was a great team effort from everybody.

“It is a great success here in Gravesham keeping it under Labour and we are joined by Medway with a Labour council.

“So I think it is a great result for people in this area, Kent and Labour in general.

“I want to thank our residents for supporting Labour. Those that did not support us, we are disappointed you did not on this occasion but we will work harder next time so you will come out and vote Labour instead of not perhaps voting at all or voting for other parties.

“Today has been a great success that’s been built on hard work. I want to thank all my team for everything they have done, not just in the last few weeks but months and the last four years building up to what I think has proven to be a very successful Labour council. It is something I am proud of.

“I think in the next four years I want to build on what we have achieved in the last four. I.e more street and fly-tipping enforcement, get the basics done right and correct for what people want but also bring in new employment and regeneration. That is the future for Gravesham.”

Leader of Gravesham council Cllr John Burden is pleased with the result
Leader of Gravesham council Cllr John Burden is pleased with the result

Both Cllr Burden and leader of the opposition Cllr Jordan Meade retained their seats.

Speaking ahead of the results earlier this morning, Cllr Meade (Con) said it was “too close to call” but the party had run a “positive campaign” in the borough.

He added: "I am disappointed with the picture I am seeing emerge across the county. Lots of good friends and hard-working councillors that we have lost unfortunately.

"What I have heard in Gravesham was that people were not bothered to go out to vote which is incredibly disappointing to hear when it is local services that impact local people."

There were more than 90 candidates running in this year’s election with 39 seats up for grabs.

One who retained his seat, Cllr Shane Mochrie-Cox (Lab), said: “I am grateful to local residents for their support. I am pleased they feel they can trust me to keep delivering for them.

Leader of the opposition Cllr Jordan Meade retained his seat
Leader of the opposition Cllr Jordan Meade retained his seat

"As a party, we look to deliver on our manifesto. It is a continuation of that and delivering what local people's priorities are.

"People want to see their communities invested in. For me, it is about giving back to the community.

"Most of the candidates, in any party, they all have different ways of going about doing it, but they are here because they care. We are local residents who care about helping people."

Cllr Shane Mochrie-Cox thanked residents for supporting him
Cllr Shane Mochrie-Cox thanked residents for supporting him

Another who kept his seat was Cllr Dakota Dibben (Con) who also obtained the most votes for any individual councillor with 1,142.

He said: “I am absolutely overwhelmed. I would like to thank my residents for putting their confidence in me.

“When people see you out in the community, you work hard and you become familiar you build that relationship. We are the community voice.”

Cllr Dakota Dibben retained his seat with more than 1,000 votes
Cllr Dakota Dibben retained his seat with more than 1,000 votes

For a full rundown of the votes, click here.

The councillors elected by ward are:

Chalk: Leslie Hills (Con): 495 votes

Coldharbour and Perry Street: Shane Mochrie-Cox (Lab): 972 votes, Christina Rolles (Lab):957 votes and Narinder-Jit Thandi (Lab): 953 votes

Denton: Deborah Croxton (Lab): 524 votes and Lee Croxton (Lab): 503 votes

Higham and Shorne: Helen Ashenden (Con): 1,112 votes, Jordan Meade (Con): 1,075 votes and Leslie Pearton (Con): 1,114 votes

Istead Rise, Cobham and Luddesdown: Dakota Dibben (Con): 1,142 votes and Samir Jassal (Con): 897 votes

Meopham North: Gary Harding (Con): 629 votes and Frank Wardle (Con): 572 votes

Meopham South and Vigo: Mohammed Ejaz Aslam (Con): 696 votes and Gurjit Bains (Con): 641 votes

Northfleet and Springhead: Jo Hart (Lab): 705 votes, Peter Scollard (Lab): 674 votes and Alison Williams (Lab): 659 votes

Painters Ash: Emma Elliott (Con): 761 votes and Alan Ridgers (Con): 703 votes

Pelham: Baljit Hayre (Lab): 783 votes and Emma Morley (Lab): 800 votes

Riverview Park: Derek Ashenden (Con): 760 votes and Aaron Elliott (Con): 758 votes

Rosherville: John Burden (Lab): 658 votes and Lauren Sullivan (Lab): 634 votes

Singlewell: Rajinder Atwal (Lab): 500 votes and Daniel King (Lab): 515 votes

Town: Gurdip Bungar (Lab): 868 votes, Lyn Milner (Lab): 841 votes and Jenny Wallace (Lab): 821 votes

Westcourt: Karina O’Malley (Lab): 527 votes and Lenny Rolles (Lab): 476 votes

Whitehill and Windmill Hill: Gavin Larkins (Lab): 1,061 votes, Tony Rana (Lab): 1,052 votes and Ektaveen Thandi (Lab): 1,000 votes

Woodlands: David Beattie (Con): 894 votes, Alan Metcalf (Con): 874 votes and Benjamin Sizer (Con): 840 votes

Voter turnout: 29.35%.

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