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MattDoesFitness star Matt Morsia reveals his 2020 earnings from Youtube

Would you like to know how much money a YouTube star earns in a year?

Matt Morsia - the man behind the UK's number one fitness YouTube channel, MattDoesFitness - has revealed how much money he made from the site in 2020.

WARNING: This video contains some offensive language

His videos racked up a whopping 131.8 million views last year alone, which earned the Hythe dad $402, 615 in ad revenue.

This equates to £293,476.

Matt, a former PE teacher at Folkestone Academy, revealed the figure in a video titled 'How much money YouTube paid me in 2020', which has so far been viewed 313,131 times.

In the 12-minute video he says he carried out a poll asking his fans if they would like to know how much money he earned, with 82% of people saying they would be interested.

Matt added that he was "hesitant" about revealing the amount, particularly in the current climate, and said it also felt like an invasion into his privacy.

Matt Morsia, aka MattDoesFitness, has revealed how much he earns in a year
Matt Morsia, aka MattDoesFitness, has revealed how much he earns in a year

But he said talking about money should not be taboo: "If you've worked extremely hard over a long period of time, which I have, to make the money you're currently making, talking about it is no different to talking about any other barometers of success, like if you won a trophy or win a competition or award or a certificate at primary school, you are actively encouraged to talk about that and be proud.

"So why is making money any different?"

Matt also reveals how different things were at the beginning of his Youtube career.

In 2013, the year he first started uploading content, he earned only $111. After that he stopped monetising his videos for a few years.

But he started gaining more views from 2016 onwards and the adverts were placed back on his videos.

Matt, Sarah and Luca, at home in Hythe
Matt, Sarah and Luca, at home in Hythe

In 2017 he earned $10,431 - and went part-time as a teacher - and in 2018 he earned $46,281, by which time he quit his job to launch his YouTube career full-time.

In 2019 he earned $258,519. This was also the year his most financially successful video was published, which saw him takes on the US Navy Seals fitness test with a fellow bodybuilder.

That video has been watched more than 17 million times.

Matt, who is married to Sarah and dad to Luca, says every penny of ad revenue which is made from his video about his earnings will be donated to Fairshare, a charity aimed at relieving food poverty and reducing food waste in the UK.

He encourages people to watch it and share it so that more revenue can be raised for the charity.

He has also received positive feedback after posting the video. One commenter said: "Love the fact you have the courage to show this. Very interesting to see the time and work it took to start making money.

"It’s not easy and takes a lot of time and energy."

Another said: "It just shows you what's achievable if you work hard. Respect for sharing!"

Matt also said his story is one that shows there is light at the end of the tunnel for other Youtubers just starting out.

Man mountain Matt is not a fan of diets
Man mountain Matt is not a fan of diets

He added: "It is nice to know that if you're just starting out with Youtube or any job, business, endeavour, if you're making next to no money and working really hard, it's cool to know there is a chance there is this awesome and exciting light at the end of the tunnel."

As well as his Youtube channel, which has two million subscribers, Matt also published a book, The 24/7 Body, in December.

This month, it reached the Sunday Times Bestsellers list.

You can subscribe to Matt's YouTube channel and follow him on Instagram by searching 'mattdoesfitness'.

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