Avoid drowning in flooding bills

Flooding in Eynsford after heavy rain
Flooding in Eynsford after heavy rain

Ian Gregory, director of MPW, Maidstone-based insurance brokers, offers advice on how to deal with potential flooding

The unusual trends of our British weather continue to wreak havoc across the country.

In the South East we have been more fortunate than other areas of the British Isles, and we appeared to have avoided any major weather-related incidents.

However the heaviest April rainfall in history followed by a very wet May has resulted in a number of localised floods.

These weather patterns are becoming more frequent and it is important you take every precaution to prevent any threat of water ingress impacting on your business.

Although damage resulting from flood or storm is in most cases a standard policy protection offered by insurers, there may be restrictions imposed and in extreme cases cover may be excluded if your property is deemed to be within a highlighted Environmental Agency flood zone.

Your broker should be working to ensure that the widest cover is negotiated including protection against the impact a claim would have on future trading profit.

MPW has successfully devised bespoke solutions for businesses who had encountered resistance from their previous insurers.

In addition we will provide risk management advice in dealing with this potential threat to your business.

Some basic preparation may help in reducing the impact of what is often a messy and prolonged clear up operation.

  • Turn off your electricity, gas and water supplies at the mains.
  • Disconnect appliances connected to pipes in case of movement during flooding.
  • Place valuables and important documents in secure plastic bags, high up out of harm’s way.
  • Where possible move contents to an upper floor or raise on bricks. If an item of content is too large to carry, weigh it down so it doesn’t float around and cause damage.n Fix flood boards to frames around windows and doors.
  • Move vehicles to higher ground.
  • Pack a flood kit of essentials containing copies of your property insurance
  • WAIT for the emergency services. Follow their instructions. If an evacuation order is issued you MUST comply.

Flood claims are increasing. Now is the time to remind yourself exactly what cover you may or may not have – if you find it is restrictive, please contact MPW.

Our first step will be to gain a full understanding of the true flood exposure at your premises and then negotiate the best possible terms with insurers

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