Business park faces resident opposition

TINA KAY-BRADLEY: "I'm just concerned with representing what local people say"
TINA KAY-BRADLEY: "I'm just concerned with representing what local people say"

COUNCILLORS will voice residents' concerns over the proposed business park on Canterbury's New Dover Road.

People have complained the high-tech 50-acre park planned for Little Barton Farm will increase traffic and blight the country landscape.

The plan was approved by the city council's Lib Dem and Labour executive and has won the support of Canterbury's business community.

But Barton ward councillor Chris Took said he is prepared to air the views of local people opposing the park.

He said: "A lot of people have been expressing misgivings to me as the local councillor about this.

"People are concerned about the size of the development and the potential for traffic impact and I think there are places other than agricultural land which could be used for it. But if Canterbury keeps growing, then this might be an option for the future."

Tina Kay-Bradley, another Barton ward councillor, said people should speak up and let their views be heard by the local plan enquiry if they are against the park.

But asked if she had a personal view on the development, Cllr Kay-Bradley said: "I'm just concerned with representing what local people say."

However, the Conservative opposition on the city council says the Lib Dem group had originally supported the proposed park.

Tory deputy leader Rosemary Doyle said: "I was in favour of it as well. We want our accountants and legal firms to stay in Canterbury and they need new premises if they are going to expand otherwise we will lose them to Ashford or somewhere like that.”

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