Egoegg set for sales growth after landing deal with Tesco

A “green” laundry washing product invented in Kent and backed by Queen of Clean Kim Woodburn is set for more sales growth after a deal with the Tesco supermarket chain.

The Ecoegg - an egg-shaped container that releases pellets in a washing machine -

is already in Lakeland stores, and the Tesco listing is expected to propel growth.

It will be stocked in around 100 Tesco stores nationwide, including Dover and Sevenoaks.

Ecoegg was invented in 2009 by entrepreneurs Rob Knight and Dawn White after Ms White was unable to find washing products that did not aggravate her sensitive skin condition. The pair recognised a gap in the market. It is one of a range of products made by the company based in Larkfield, near Maidstone.

Queen of Clean Kim Woodburn with inventor, Rob Knight
Queen of Clean Kim Woodburn with inventor, Rob Knight

The company says the £7 laundry egg lasts for up to 54 washes - approximately three months’ worth of washing for the average family - costing less than 13p a wash.

Mr Knight, 34, from Penenden Heath, near Maidstone, said: “The launch in Tesco is the result of five years’ hard work and determination by our amazing ecoegg team, invaluably assisted by many friends, family and colleagues along the way.

“It’s all part of our vision to prevent millions of tonnes of detergent polluting our water system each year, helping sufferers of sensitive skin and allergies and saving families lots of money on their laundry into the bargain. That’s an ambitious vision – but now we have the help of the UK’s biggest retailer, we are well on the way.”

The company employs nine people at its Larkfield headquarters. The products, assembled on the Isle of Sheppey, are supported by Allergy UK and the National Eczema Society.

Mr Knight said the company would be launching two products in the US market via the QVC shopping television channel.

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