HQ hunters have to wait

A QUEUE of people and businesses are looking for headquarters in the heart of Faversham.

Town centre manager Laurence said: "In the last month I have had three or four inquiries from business people who want office or studio space in or around Faversham town centre.

"Some are people who want to move into the town, others are people hoping to expand their business. But so far I have drawn a blank."

He is appealing for owners of properties who have space to let or buildings to sell to contact him.

People wanting studio space include a local artist and a graphic designer. One business wanting to re-locate into Faversham is a small insurance firm, which is seeking about 500 sq ft of office space.

Mr Young said: "This is exactly the sort of employment we are looking to bring into the town centre and we could be talking about 10 jobs.

"But can I find a place for them? No I can't. It is very frustrating. I have had some success in the past putting buyers and sellers in touch with each other, but this time I have drawn a blank."

If you can help, e-mail laurenceyoung@swale.gov.uk or phone 01795 594461.

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