Medway company Osmio Water calls for hydroxy to be recognised by the NHS

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A Medway firm is calling for official recognition of a treatment that experts believe could potentially help with many chronic health conditions including Covid-19 and its after-effects.

Managing director Mark Kent of Medway-based Osmio Water points out that the wide-ranging health benefits of drinking, breathing or topically applying hydroxy gas have been known for around 200 years, with hydroxy now being used as a frontline Covid-19 treatment in many Chinese hospitals, an, he adds, the incredibly low ratio of deaths there speaks for its efficacy.

Osmio Water is pushing for Hydroxy to be recognised by the NHS
Osmio Water is pushing for Hydroxy to be recognised by the NHS

Known for almost 200 years and breathed by deep-sea divers, only recently have technological advances miniaturised the equipment to make it available for home use at a drastically reduced cost.

Under good conditions, the body manufactures hydrogen from our food, but poor diet, stress, underlying health conditions, or illness can all affect the gut processes until they cease to produce enough. Monatomic oxygen – is the most powerful oxidiser in the world bonded with two molecules of hydrogen - a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Split them from simple water and it often needs very small quantities to achieve results. Not every generator produces hydroxy in the same way however. The Osmio Duo or Infinity use a negative electrical component to assist the mitochondria; the battery that drives each body cell.

"If free oxygen and hydrogen are low it can lead to a wide variety of health issues, replace them and the results can also be widespread including improved skin conditions and eczema, accelerated wound healing, reducing inflammation and breathing conditions such as asthma, and potentially Covid-19," says Mark.

"Many report reduction in anxiety, stomach problems and other general health effects. It won’t help everything but the range of reported results is very wide and the internet has many references.

"Intensive research is required to make this a front line treatment in this county too otherwise our health services won’t use it. Extensive trials however cost many hundreds of millions of pounds and no private company will fund it because it cannot be patented like a novel drug could be and that means we must continue to push the government to fund the research."

Osmio Water managing director Mark Kent
Osmio Water managing director Mark Kent

Getting National Health Service recognition for hydroxy gas has been backed by some notable health experts.

Local GP Dr Julian Spinks, chair of the local GP federation, Medway Practices Alliance, said: "At a time where the world continues to be challenged by Covid-19, it is important that we explore treatments that might be able to reduce the impact of the disease.

"Every week brings us feedback from new users and research from China on hydrogen-oxygen therapy raises the possibility that this treatment may help patients suffering from the virus. The only way to establish if this is really the case is to carry out further confirmatory research. The quicker this happens, the sooner we can use the treatment on people suffering from this life threatening disease."

Osmio Water wants to see Hydroxy NHS recognised
Osmio Water wants to see Hydroxy NHS recognised

Retired consultant cardiac surgeon, Professor Stephen Westaby is also due to start research with Dr Peter Wright of Oxford Brookes University in January looking at hydroxy gas for patients with conditions including chronic lung inflammation and asthma.

Mark said: "I can’t tell you how incredibly seriously we view this, especially when Covid-19 and Long-Covid desperately need new experimental treatments."

Fortunately, members of the public can now buy their own hydroxy generators for home use or visit the growing numbers of private clinics that have them.

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