Reclamet: The changing face of the metal ‘scrapyard’

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Leading Kent metal recycler, Reclamet, is meeting the increased demand of metal recycling head on!

Creating more space, investing in more efficient material handling and machinery, and recruiting specific operational expertise.


The global focus of protecting the environment and being ‘green’ means recycling centres are in greater demand. They need to be visible, accessible, and capable.

For the last three years Reclamet have been upgrading their metal recycling facility and moving large parts of their auto-part recycling and body-shop to a new 35,000 square foot warehouse.


Long established as a licensed waste carrier and waste management company, Reclamet is an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) licenced and regulated by the Environment agency and a member of the Vehicle Recycling Association. Embracing a circular economy in the re-use of high-quality graded car parts, Reclamet work for major insurers collecting, processing, and auctioning off salvage vehicles. They currently run two salvage car auctions every week.

Reclamet also buy unwanted vehicles, including MOT failures, damaged and end of life vehicles - repairing as much as possible to sell quality car parts back to end users and authorised repair body-shops.


The new warehouse is well on the way to housing 100,000 ‘green’ recycled parts and a state-of-the-art dismantling facility, enabling them to massively increase their auto recycling capacity and creating over 20 new jobs for the area.

Fitted out with industry-leading racking systems, the facility will also comprise four dismantling rigs, imaging bays, panel storage and a more suitable premises for the newly established Repair and Refinish accident repair body shop. When complete it will provide a highly accessible, multi-use and well-stocked auto centre.


Back at the ‘Yard’, Reclamet have experienced an increase in scrap metal recycling both domestically and through industrial business waste contacts. With more metal being handled and processed and limited space to store, there’s a need to find new end-user markets and be capable of effective fulfilment.

The recent acquisition of a container inverter gives Reclamet access to both domestic and foreign markets to export materials all over the world, direct to the end-user.


Raised at an angle of up to 90°, containers can be gradually tilted to maximise the capacity, with gravity dispersing materials evenly to avoid piercing. A restraining container cradle restricts overloading and swelling, as swollen or damaged containers will be rejected for cargo shipping.

Most of the traffic through the busy yard is skips, roll on roll off bins and articulated bulkers. Reclamet has built a strong reputation locally on account of its guaranteed prices, great customer service and drive to be the best in the market.


This has created opportunities throughout Kent and further afield and they have adapted accordingly, widening their catchment for vehicle collection, fine-tuning the logistics of the increased coverage, and investing in their car carrier fleet - ordering new Euro 6 lorries to improve their green footprint.


Many salvaged and privately bought scrap vehicles require storing and holding for periods of time to extract the best recycling value from them. Some of these vehicles will be scrapped with a certificate of destruction (COD), via Reclamet’s links to the DVLA database, some will be stripped of original manufacturer parts and others will be suitable to resell or auction. New 4-high vehicle racking is replacing the 2-high to increase capacity within the limited space, and a newly acquired Multi Directional Forklift makes it easier to access selected vehicles when needed.


The aim, to speed up auto-recycling and processing of end-of-life vehicles.

Managing Director of Reclamet Stuart Mann explains: “Long established in metal recycling, we have repositioned to provide a more effective ‘green’ auto part recycling centre, ensuring that any reusable and undamaged original manufacturer parts are salvaged through the vehicle recycling processes.

“For traditional industrial and domestic metal recycling at the yard, we have invested in new machinery to expedite scrap metal turnaround, increasing our green activities and lowering our carbon footprint”.

“With all our recycling, from vehicle-related through to metal disposal, our focus is on the speed and professionalism of buying in, processing, and selling on. We take great pride in how we do this.”

To find out more about Reclamet’s services, visit or call 01843 800800.

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