Juvenology Clinic leads the way in advanced aesthetics and anti-ageing

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Located in Kent, Juvenology Clinic stands as the leading destination for advanced aesthetic and anti-ageing services. The clinic, led by experienced Aesthetic Nurse Marina, offers a comprehensive array of treatments designed to enhance your natural beauty and foster overall wellbeing.

Juvenology Clinic’s dedicated team upholds the highest standards of care, employing the latest technologies and techniques. Each treatment plan is meticulously tailored to your unique needs and aspirations…


Aesthetic and Anti-Ageing Services

Specialising in facial and body rejuvenation, Juvenology Clinic provides a range of treatments including:

- Dermal fillers and wrinkle reduction: Restore youthful contours and smooth fine lines
- Advanced skin treatments: Enhance skin quality and address various conditions using state-of-the-art techniques
- Skin condition consultations and treatments: Acne, rosacea, pigmentation, eczema and skin lesion treatments, with medical-grade skincare available post-consultation


Genetic and Health Diagnostics

At Juvenology Clinic, we champion personalised care informed by your unique genetic makeup and health profile:

DNA Tests

Discover insights into genetic factors influencing health, beauty and longevity. Tailored to your needs, Juvenology Clinic’s DNA tests offer comprehensive reports and personalised recommendations.

1.Healthy Ageing/ Longevity: Assess risks related to ageing and longevity, including bone health, DNA repair mechanisms and inflammation markers.

2.Sports Performance: Optimise athletic performance through genetic insights on muscle function, endurance and recovery.

3.General Health: Gain a deeper understanding of your cardiovascular health, metabolic function and oxidative stress levels for overall wellbeing.


Blood Tests

Comprehensive assessments to monitor and enhance your general health and performance that are customised to meet your specific needs.

Hair Growth Solutions

Combat hair loss with effective treatments designed to stimulate growth and improve density, ideal for those with alopecia or recovering from hair transplants.


Body Contouring and Slimming

Achieve your desired body shape through non-invasive treatments:

- Emsculpt: Enhance muscle tone and strength
- Cold Laser Fat Reduction: Safely reduce fat deposits for a slimmer appearance

Lifestyle and Longevity Medicine

Embrace Juvenology’s holistic approach to health with consultations and programmes focused on lifestyle changes and longevity medicine. The clinic empowers you to adopt habits that support long-term wellness and vitality.

Visit www.juvenology.co.uk to explore Juvenology Clinic’s services and schedule your consultation.

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