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MegaGrowth 50 - celebrating the 50 fastest-growing businesses in Kent and Medway

Click here to complete a 2019 MegaGrowth 50 application form


Now in its eighteenth year, this impressive league table of businesses is published in the November edition of Kent Business.

In previous years the MegaGrowth 50 performance table has been put together based on the average turnover growth of privately owned businesses that have a minimum turnover of £1 million, as stipulated in full accounts registered at Companies House across the last four years.

Businesses with notable turnover growth over recent years that DO NOT register full accounts at Companies House will also be recognised by MegaGrowth 50.

If you want your business to receive the accolade of being a MegaGrowth 50 company and DO NOT currently register full accounts at Companies House you can nowapply to be considered.

Successful applicants will be announced and celebrated at a special breakfast presentation event held at Turkey Mill, Maidstone.

Click here to complete a 2019 MegaGrowth 50 application form

The deadline for applications has been extended to 5pm, Friday 14th June, 2019
Please see the Application Form for all terms and conditions.
It is FREE to apply.

If you have filed a full set of accounts at Companies House in each of the last 4 years you DO NOT need to fill out an application form as your figures will be downloaded by the MegaGrowth 50 project team.

Why apply to MegaGrowth 50?

Appearing in 2019 MegaGrowth 50 will help your organisation to stand out from the crowd, send a positive message to your existing customers and attract new business. Whether yours is a large or small company, there are lots of very good reasons to apply:

  • Invaluable media coverage
    You have the opportunity to gain media attention and valuable publicity which will help you attract new customers, as well as increasing respect from your existing client base.
  • Network with fellow business leaders
    Attending the presentation breakfast gives you the opportunity to network with other business leaders and professionals.
  • Boost staff morale and retention
    Achieving recognition in MegaGrowth 50 can have a positive effect on staff morale, motivation and retention as it acknowledges their contribution to your business success.
  • Impress potential investors
    If you aim to grow your business further - recognition in MegaGrowth 50 can help impress potential investors.
  • Helps attract quality new staff
    When recruiting new staff being recognised as a ‘fast-growing business' can help you attract high quality candidates
  • Raise your company profile
    Appearing in MegaGrowth 50 can significantly raise your company profile in the county and gain you respect from your peers.
  • Certificate to display
    You are presented with a certificate which can be displayed within the workplace creating pride in your staff and favourable impressions with visiting customers, both existing and new.

If you have any queries or are uncertain of your eligibility to apply please contact:

Fiona Maddison
KM Media Group
01634 227866

We are proud to have been involved in MegaGrowth since its inception. We remain keen to support and help growing businesses expand with finance under the Funding for Lending scheme, which allows us to offer a reduced lifetime interest rate on new approved business loans by up to one per cent.

MegaGrowth allows the full range of Kent businesses from sole traders and partnerships up to locally owned limited companies receive the recognition they deserve for achieving amazing growth in variable economic times, showing opportunity is always there.

Neil Brooks-Johnson, Relationship Director, Lloyds Bank SME Banking.

It’s always great to see Kent businesses doing well and the USP of the MegaGrowth 50 awards is that unlike other awards it picks up fantastic success stories of businesses who don’t ever shout about it. Kreston Reeves has been honoured to sponsor MegaGrowth 50 for the last 9 years and be part of recognising and awarding Kent and Medway businesses for their growth and making this a great place to do business.

For the last two years businesses were able to nominate themselves to be included and we are looking forward to seeing more coming forward for consideration this year.

Nigel Fright, Managing Partner, Kreston Reeves

It’s such a buzz when Kent MegaGrowth comes around. The performance of our SMEs and mid market business always amazes me although the element of surprise has diluted over time as one starts to appreciate the sustainable business models being employed. The county's most successful growing businesses are not increasing their revenue line by selling in a purely transactional manner.

They are adding value, building relationships and innovating. At asb law we "get this" and it has been really rewarding to build rapport with a number of MegaGrowth "stars" working at a strategic level and translating the sales success into shareholder value. The macro economics remain pretty tight, so in context, we should appreciate and applaud our growing businesses that do so much for jobs and GDP in Kent. I salute you!

Shaun Kelly, Consultant, Corporate Finance, asb law LLP


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