Wedding decoration ideas

Balloons have entered the realm of adult celebrations.

Once the preserve of kiddies’ parties, they are now to be found gracing gatherings of all sorts not least that most popular of all celebrations, the wedding reception.

These are not just any old balloons however, certainly not the rather predictable round or long shapes in primary colours so familiar to childhood.

Balloon decorations take all forms these days
Balloon decorations take all forms these days

These are very special creations. Celebration balloons, and especially those designed for weddings, come a variety of shapes and sizes from hearts to flowers, from plain shapes to shapes with frills and crinkly edges.

Celebration balloons are of course inflated with helium, that lighter than air, inert gas that allows the balloons to ‘hang’ straight up from their strings.

Attached to the reception table, or the honeymoon car, they cannot be ignored, and with the addition of a printed message, they leave no-one in any doubt as to who exactly is getting wed.

Last, but not least, as there are nearly always children at a wedding, balloons provide that extra little something to keep them happy too.

Balloons at a wedding can help distract younger guests!
Balloons at a wedding can help distract younger guests!

So, why not add that extra touch of celebration to your wedding with the latest, beautiful celebration balloons?

Balloons of course are just one type of the many decorations to be found on a wedding reception table.

Pretty, lacy, disposable, table covers, napkins, place mats, place setting cards and frilly doilies can all add to the occasion especially if they are all chosen to echo a theme of colour or shape.

No reception table is complete without its floral decorations and these may be of fresh or silk blooms.

Posies of flowers are an alternative decoration
Posies of flowers are an alternative decoration

Many wedding organisers these days arrange for a small posy to be placed at every setting as a complement to the guests and for them to carry away home as a lasting souvenir of a happy day.

Naturally with table decorations, balloons and a forest of flowers the reception will look really pretty.

However, depending on the venue, they may still not be quite sufficient to ‘fill’ the room.

You could consider streamers and wall hangings or fabric wall coverings. You could even add photographs of the bride and groom and their families to add a more personal touch.

Seeking the advice of your venue, what other couple may have done before you, and even the advice of your local party shop will probably help you ensure you have all the designs you need before the big day.

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