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  • G.D.B Landscaping, Dover

    A professional, friendly and reliable landscaping service including fencing, patios, driveways, paving and rubbish removals.

    Durban Crescent,
    Dover ,
    CT16 2JJ

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    G.D.B Landscaping

       01304 761894

  • G.K. Edwards & CO. Limited, Dover

    6 Tower Hamlets Road,
    Dover ,
    CT17 0BJ


  • Gluten Free Fresh Cakes, Dover

    2 Swanton Farm Cottages,
    Dover ,
    CT15 7JN

       Tel:01303-844221 registered on TPS

  • John Angell (Dover) Limited, Dover

    36 Biggin Street,
    Dover ,
    CT16 1BU


  • Macavis Building Supplies, Dover

    A family run business offering building supplies for sale and hire at affordable and discounted prices.

    Castle View Park,
    Holmestone Road,
    Dover ,
    CT17 0UG

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    Macavis Building Supplies

       01304 351 656

  • Skullys Catering Service Limited, Dover

    105 Melbourne Avenue,
    Dover ,
    CT16 2JH

       Tel:01304-204768 registered on TPS

  • Thamal Limited, Dover

    53 Biggin Street,
    Dover ,
    CT16 1DB


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