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Local Businesses in Gillingham

  • A W Matthews Limited, Gillingham

    54 High Street,
    Gillingham ,
    ME7 1BA


  • Abigails, Gillingham

    17 The Maltings,
    Gillingham ,
    ME8 8JL

       Tel:01634-365427 registered on TPS

  • B C Vehicle Repairs, Gillingham

    B C Vehicle Repairs specialises in commercial safety inspection, vehicle maintenance, MOT preparation and MOT presentation.

    Matts Hill Lane,
    Matts Hill Road,
    Hartlip, Rainham,
    Gillingham ,
    ME9 7UY

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    B C Vehicle Repairs

       07879 404197

  • Hydrowizard Ltd, Gillingham

    Unit Rear 58 Canterbury Street,
    Gillingham ,
    ME7 5UJ


  • Iced Creations, Gillingham

    22 Johnson Avenue,
    Gillingham ,
    ME7 1FD

       Tel:01634-579101 registered on TPS

  • Medway Sugar Art, Gillingham

    95 Canterbury Street,
    Gillingham ,
    ME7 5TR


  • Micallef Jewellers Ltd, Gillingham

    28 Rainham Shopping Centre,
    Rainham, Kent, Me8 7hw,
    Gillingham ,
    ME8 7HW

       Tel:01634-261916 registered on TPS

  • Parkwood Florists Ltd, Gillingham

    Parkwood Green,
    Gillingham ,
    ME8 9PN


  • Stephens Jewellery Services Ltd, Gillingham

    84b High Street,
    Gillingham ,
    ME7 1AX


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