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CCTV captures man with family stealing Amazon parcel from Sandling Road in Maidstone

A shocking video shows a brazen thief stealing an Amazon parcel from someone's doorstep as he walks the dog with his child.

One man walking with a child, a woman, and a small white dog was caught on camera walking up a drive in Sandling Road, Maidstone, and taking a parcel from a resident's doorstep.

Watch: The moment a brazen thief stealing an Amazon package from someone's doorstep

Hundreds of people have seen the video online and slammed the people involved, but the victim, who wants to remain anonymous, said it's the second time in weeks this has happened.

The anonymous father said: "We've had so may issues along this road that just a few weeks ago a young girl, who must have been about 10, who did the same thing.

"After posting it online the culprit's mother messaged me within a few hours telling me she was mortified about it as the girl was with her stepfather who seemed quite proud about what she had done.

"It was a present for my daughter and was thankfully returned after the mother got in touch, so I deleted the post. I'm hoping the same might happen again and the parcel will be returned.

"But this time it's a bit different as it's a fully grown adult doing it in front of a child. I feel like they deserve a bit of stick for being such an idiot - they should know better.

"My camera is pretty obvious too, so the theft should be a clip for one of those world's dumbest criminals shows."

The home owner says he's never thought about having to take steps to stop something like this happening as couriers rarely leave stuff on the door step.

He added: "I'm not sure there's much I can do. It's also a listed building so It's not like I can put a gate up without the massive headache of going through the council. It just wouldn't be worth my time.

An Amazon parcel was stolen from a front door in Sandling Road, Maidstone
An Amazon parcel was stolen from a front door in Sandling Road, Maidstone

In total, around £60 worth of stolen goods have been taken from the Sandling Road house.

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