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The crew of The Ghost of Blue Bell Hill film felt a 'terrible feeling' while shooting the two-hour movie at the spot where ghosts have been seen

It's been a notorious ghost spot for decades, but a crew filming at Blue Bell Hill found the experience haunting.

Rochester actress Sonya Roseman wrote and directed the screenplay The Ghost of Blue Bell Hill, which she shot earlier this year at the Lower Bell Pub in Aylesford, after having an interest in the tales of paranormal sightings there.

The film is based on the true story of a bride-to-be killed following a crash on the A229 in November 1965 on the eve of her wedding day.

A film is being made about the ghost of Blue Bell Hill
A film is being made about the ghost of Blue Bell Hill

Susan Browne and her friends were returning home when their Ford Cortina collided with a Jaguar travelling in the other direction. She had been due to marry RAF technician Brian Wetton the next day.

Judith Lingham was killed, while Patricia Ferguson and Suzanne died in hospital. A fourth friend survived.

The film follows fictional student Anne as she researches the history of the apparitions of Blue Bell Hill for a university project – and finds there might be a ghostly explanation for the unexplained crashes.

It is based on a local myth about a phantom woman, said to hitch a lift - who then disappears. The film also contains scenes based on reports of a young woman appearing suddenly in the road at night.

The tragic 1965 report of the crash
The tragic 1965 report of the crash

Terrified they have hit her, drivers claim to have got out to investigate, only to find no trace of a body.

Miss Roseman, 33, said: “I just wondered why no-one had written a film about it before. There were so many stories - especially the one where she jumped into the car.

“I filmed all of that, looked at all the cuttings and spoke to people. I was going to write it as a short film but it turned into a two-hour film.”

But she said it felt eery filming at the scene. “There is a nasty feeling down there, I felt it every time we were filming up there. I just had this terrible feeling.

“We also nearly got run over a few times. I was just waiting for something bad to happen. But there is a happy ending to the film.”

Sonya Roseman
Sonya Roseman

No release date has yet been set but the film is expected to be released before Christmas.

Appearances of the ghost of Blue Bell Hill have been documented by the KM over the years.

Bob Vandepeer had a terrifying experience in 1962 when he picked up a girl on the hill – then later turned round to discover his hitchhiker had vanished into thin air.

In 1971, James Skene was driving home from work when a girl in her early 20s suddenly appeared in front of his car on the dual carriageway.

He gave her a lift to Chatham, but when she got out she disappeared. Joseph Chester and Tracy Boon both reported seeing a young woman wearing nothing but a nightgown on separate occasions in 1968 and 1999.

Miss Roseman is currently working on a Second World War film, Operation Omo, about two best friends and their struggles in wartime.

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