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Burglar made to bare all

Thomas Munday
Thomas Munday


A burglar lost more than his swag when he was nabbed for raiding two homes inEcclesandFawkhamlast summer.

Thomas AndrewMundayhad looted more than £9,000 of goods in June and July last year - but was left without even the shirt on his back when police arrested him and took it for evidence.

Now he's lost his freedom too after being jailed for two and a half years atMaidstoneCrown Court on Tuesday, March 26.

The 19 year-old, formerly of Greenfield Close,Eccles, forced his way into a home inFawkhamby smashing a window with a cast iron pig trough before stealing a computer, electrical equipment and jewellery, valued at around £9,000 on Tuesday, June 26.

He next struck at Bull Lane inEccles, where a gang of three smashed a window and stole £500 worth of belongings. Shortly afterwards the gang was seen leaving a nearby field by a police officer, who tried to arrest them. But the three struggled and made off.

They were arrested later on and shards of glass from a broken window were found inMunday'sshirt.

He later pleaded guilty to two counts of burglary.

Detective Inspector Susie Harper from Kent Police said: “Burglary is a despicable and invasive crime that leaves victims feeling violated and disgusted. In this particular case the offender simply used brute force to cause damage and enter the properties. The house inFawkhamwas looted of over £9,000 worth of belongings, and the burglary was discovered by the family’s 16 year-old son. The whole family were quite understandably very distressed by the experience. It is our intention to consistently target burglars and those that cause most harm within our community and we are all delighted to seeMundayand a number of other burglars where they belong – prison.”

A second man charged in connection with the burglary inEccleswas sentenced in January to 120 days imprisonment.

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