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A look back at Strawberry Moons nightclub in Maidstone

Fluorescent lights, pounding music and queuing in the cold are just a few things people will remember from Strawberry Moons.

The popular club was a part of Maidstone's night life for more than 25 years but after it closed in 2017 revellers were left with just reminders of their drunken nights out on the town.

With the news that the former hotspot in Gabriels Hill is set to be converted into a restaurant and rooftop bar, we decided to take a trip down memory lane.

If you ever ventured onto the bustling dance floor then you probably remember (or maybe not) some of the fantastic moments in the history of 'Moons'.

Beginning the night in The Muggleton Inn, better known as Muggs, you and your group of friends would grab a few drinks before making your way down the hill to start queuing.

It was standard procedure to be left out waiting in the cold for a while on a Friday or Saturday night before being let inside.

On the dance floor in Strawberry Moons Maidstone.
On the dance floor in Strawberry Moons Maidstone.

Once you entered just a quick visit to the cloakroom to drop of your jacket, if you had bothered to bring one, and the night had begun.
Whether it was on the main floor dancing to the latest DJ club anthems and chart hits, in the Zuma Bar busting moves to a mix of funky house and floor fillers or on third floor listening to garage tunes, one thing would be almost always be certain.

At one point in the night you would hear the Strawberry Moons song.

Bartenders would stop pouring vodka shots and climb on the work surface for the duration of the hit tune and clubbers would join in dancing and singing along.
On the topic of bartenders, the club was home to one of the best in Europe.

Tom Geyleni, who won the European Best Bartender Award, was definitely a crowd-puller with his impressive cocktail making skills. He was known for his inventive creations including the Flaming Lamborghini, which would involve setting the drink on fire while balancing a glass on top of another.

Double cubicle in the girl's loo at Strawberry Moons. Picture by: Matthew Walker FM3047028 (13110523)
Double cubicle in the girl's loo at Strawberry Moons. Picture by: Matthew Walker FM3047028 (13110523)

Another interesting feature was one many did not realise existed.

Upstairs in the ladies' loos was a twin cubicle.

People at the time were quick to flush the idea but some thought it was a nice quirky addition.

The club has also seen its fair share of celebrity guests making an appearance through the revolving door.

Back in 2003 owner, Mark Wilson, welcomed former glamour model Katie Price and EastEnders actors Dean Gaffney, who played Robbie, and Shaun Williamson, who played Barry, to an invitation-only event, celebrating the venue's expansion into part of the old Robert Dyas building.

Made in Chelsea star Hugo Taylor, model Jodie Marsh, Another Level singer Dane Bowers and Da Firin' Squad frequented the club as well.

The dance floor was also transformed into a filming set in 2004 when singing duo The Cheeky Girls took over to create their Christmas music video for Girls and Boys.

Moons shot to the top spot in the list of places to go out in 2008 when they reduced the price of drinks to just 50p.

Clubbers could enjoy beer, bottles and spirits for the small fee up until 10pm and then for £1.50 until midnight.

And who can forget the Kent Messenger Face In The Crowd competition that would happen every week. Party animals would send in their clubbing photos for the chance to win a £10 drinks voucher.

As the night began to draw to a close at around 2pm you and your group would not be ready for the night to end. Instead a quick walk down the hill and the party was just getting started in Roadhouse, Strawberry Moons' sister club.

There you would stay until 5am, leaving to go home as the sun was starting to rise, realising you had the most epic night ever.

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