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Dr Voice Anthony Wade leading singers to stardom

A world-renowned vocal coach is supporting amateur singers in their bid for stardom after leading global popstar Sam Smith down the “Yellow Brick Road” to worldwide recognition.

Anthony Wade, aka Dr Voice, has launched his own academy to train the next pool of talent, using his blueprint for success.

Dr Voice, from Chart Sutton, transformed his own singing capabilities after being turned away by teachers, and progressed to singing at internationally recognised venues.

Anthony Wade with chart-topper Sam Smith, one of his former pupils
Anthony Wade with chart-topper Sam Smith, one of his former pupils

He said: “I was 17 and I couldn’t sing to save my life. I emigrated to Australia and everybody said I could never be a singer.

“I decided to go to different teachers and they put me off so I therefore went ahead and learnt myself.

“I then went on to perform at the Albert Hall and the Sydney Opera House.”

Sam Smith, best known for his Stay With Me hit, arrived at Dr Voice’s London studio as a 15-year-old a decade ago looking to perfect his natural talent.

The self-professed “Diva Maker” revealed he is not a singing teacher but rather a vocal transformation coach.

He claims he can tell a future singer from a faker within seconds and has given a helping hand to two of his academy graduates who have both landed record deals.

Anthony Wade with singer Bonnie Tyler
Anthony Wade with singer Bonnie Tyler

Dr Voice said: “When I learnt to sing I realised I had a talent to teach people how to sing and I would take deaf people or people with cerebral palsy and help them perform better than beyond their wildest dreams.

“Sam Smith had extraordinary ability and I liked his voice but he needed help to texture it.

“I took Sam Smith down the Yellow Brick Road to meet the Wizard of Oz and I teach that to the people in my academy.

“Two of the last group I had got record deals, which is not possible straight out of university.

“I saved them 15 years of their life by cutting out the rubbish and got them on the frontline.”

Following Adele’s cancellation of multiple shows earlier this year Dr Voice took to the tabloids to air his frustration over the treatment of her vocal cords.

Anthony Wade, aka Dr Voice
Anthony Wade, aka Dr Voice

He said Adele and many other stars are being told to “push” their cords – something that he says could lead to them losing their voice in the most extreme cases.

He said West End performers, and others, are sent his way to help with similar problems, adding: “You can’t ‘push’ the cords; if you do then you get problems.”

Anthony Wade’s work also includes making the most of the voice boxes we have been given not just for singing.

He said: “I realised the voice is a powerful instrument for speaking and also in business.

“People are always mumbling and nobody knows what anybody is saying to each other and it is getting worse.

"It is all about confidence. It's not the voice, it's the person...when a person thinks in the right way then they can do anything" - Anthony Wade

“With the advent of emails and text nobody says much and this is why we are like sheep and follow leaders who are strong speakers.”

Dr Voice also revealed that each individual can be trained to use their voice in a unique way just as Sam Smith unlocked his true potential during his four-year tuition.

He said: “I produced his first demo album with seven songs on when he was 16 and two years later he made it.

“It is all about confidence. It’s not the voice, it’s the person. When a person thinks in the right way then they can do anything.”

When Dr Voice tapped into Sam Smith’s true ability he knew he had helped produce a talent which would take the world by storm.

He said: “I can tell by listening to a person whether they will make it or not. I knew Sam Smith would make it straight away.

“You couldn’t tell if Sam Smith was black or white, or a boy or a girl, and that was what captured the world’s imagination.”

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