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Allington estate turns out to try and find missing parrot Orla

A woman has covered miles and united a housing estate behind efforts to find a missing parrot, who likes wolf-whistling.

Cockatiel, Orla, has been missing from her Allington home for three days.

Orla the parrot performing a wolf whistle

Orla is just nine months old and her owner, Liz McKay has been posting updates every day, and has even shared videos so people can familiarise themselves with the noise she makes when she chirps or wolf whistles.

The cockatiel escaped on Tuesday when she became panicked and flew through an open door.

Miss McKay, 22, said: "I don't know how many miles I've covered, but the other day I did 22,000 steps and we've searched right through from the 20/20 industrial estate right across to Queen's Road.

"We think someone reported seeing her by the Allington Community Association building, but she got overwhelmed and flew off again.

"I'm also getting lots of reports of wolf-whistling, but it is difficult to determine if these are Orla or dog walkers who've seen the appeal and are wolf whistling.

Orla and her owner Liz McKay
Orla and her owner Liz McKay

"I am so worried about her. By now she could be nearer Maidstone, in Barming or even in Rochester and it would mean so much if people could search for her.

Miss McKay urges anyone who does come by Orla not to leave her on her own as she may panic.

She is used to humans and likes people talking to her.

After three days on the run, she is also likely to be hungry and she loves all food, even junk like crisps and Miss McKay doesn't mind what sort of food people can tempt her with to go into their gardens.

She added: "She has always flown onto strangers when they’ve entered the house so I don’t doubt she would fly to you or step up onto your hand.

Liz with Orla
Liz with Orla

"Don’t try and grab her feet as she’ll flap till she gets free and fly off and if you tried to grab her body she may just bolt as she hates that.

"If she lands on you, just slowly walk inside, to your car or the nearest building and get her locked in so we know she can’t get out again.

She added: "My family are exhausted, heartbroken and struggling with this hunt on our own."

Miss McKay asked if people in Maidstone would kindly keep a look-out for Orla.

If you think you have spotted her, then please contact Liz on 07487713215, Julie on 07854 090791, or Mac: 07436 278578.

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